ID Family Family_C Description Description_C Pic Taiwan_IF Date
1 Acanthochitonidae 瘥喲蝘 Insertion plates with 5 slites on head valve, 1 on each side of median valves, 2 or more on tail valve. 剜輻撋亦5朣嚗銝剝輻瘥銝1嚗撠暹踹2隞乩朣 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
2 Ischnochitonidae 喲蝘 Insertion plates with many slits in terminal valves, more than 1 on each sides of median valves. Surface of insertion plates usually smooth, not pectinated. 剜踹撠暹輻撋亦憭貊朣嚗雿園銝剝選瘥銝銝隞乩朣撋亦銵券a撣詨像皛嚗⊥蝻箏餅 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
3 Chitonidae 喲蝘 Insertion plates with pectinated surface. 撋亦銵券X瑹蝻箏餅 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
4 Nautilidae 曏曀∟箇 Large coiled external shell punctuated with chambers. A siphuncle penetrates each septum at center. The body housed in living chamber. Head covered with hood dorsally. Eyes of simple structure, without lense. Cirri more than 47 pairs in number, without suckers, whiplike in shape. Gills 2 pairs. Geographically limited to the tropical Indo-West Pacific. 憭扯箸憭畾澆批詨瘞摰扎蝝啁恣鞎怎忽瘥銝瘞摰日銝剝頠擃撅雿潭除摰支葉剝刻渲剖溝嚗潛瑽蝪∪殷銝瑟偌園閫豢憭抒47撠隞乩嚗瘝剔貊恣2撠敿芰摮潛勗葆啣漲镼踹云撟單 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
5 Lepetidae ⊿蝚箇 Shell always pure white. Pallial cavity lacking both ctenidium and secondary gills. Radualr formula 2-0-1-0-2. Central tooth prominently plate-like; marginals slender. Subtidal to bathyal zone, mainly from cool temperate to subarctic areas. On rocky bottom or gravels on mud bottom. 畾潛箇質脯憭憟⊥祇(瑹敿)鈭甈⊿朣撘2-0-1-0-2嚗銝剝朣箇貊嗅之輻嚗蝺朣蝝圈瑯潔瞏桀葆啗瘛望絲撗拍瘜亙蝷怎喋撣澆撣嗅鈭撖撣嗆絲 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
6 Muricidae 撉刻箇 Shell biconical to globose with distinct, occasionally long siphonal canal. Surface costate with imbricate to nodulate spiral ribs. Scales on ribs occasionally spinuated or lamellate, or form wings on varix. Operculum chitinous, oval. Radula rachiglossate, or absent in parasitic group. Carnivorous. 鞎畾潮敶W啁敶g鈭瑟瑞瘞渡恣皞鞎畾潸”X斤箄蝡舀瑟撠箸嚗肖arix銝敶X蝧潛閫鞈迎萄耦朣撠敶g∪押憌 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
7 Turbinellidae (Vasidae) 唾箇 (=Vasidae) Shell biconical, fusiform or conical with long siphonal canal. Outer lip flat without denticle or any process. Siphonal canal open. Operculum chitinous with subterminal nucleus. Radula rachiglossate with 1 paired lateral teeth. Consisted of 5 subfamilies. Intertidal to deepsea of the world. Prey on sipunculus or polychaetous annelids.(=Vasidae) 鞎畾潮敶U蝝∠敶X敶g琿瑞瘞渡恣皞憭撟喳行撠朣隞颱蝒韏瑯瘞渡恣皞整閫鞈迎詨其蝡荔朣撠敶g1撠湧5鈭蝘蝯撣潭蔭撣嗅唳楛瘚瑯鋆憌sipunculus啁拍憭瘥憿(=Vasidae) 1 1 2006-10-20 22:45:27
8 Conidae Shell conic or biconic, stout usually with low spire and large body whorl that occupies more than half of shell length. Aperture narrow and elongate. Surgface ornamented with growth lines, spiral lirae or grooves, granules and shoulder tubercles, and with various color markings, such as dots, clouds, spiral lines, axial stripes etc. Periostracum thin to thick, sometimes hairy. Operculum corneous, far smaller than apertural area, lunate with nuculeus situated downwards. Radular teeth only of marginal teeth often with a terminal barb. Nocturnal, piscivorous or molluscivorous or vermivorous. Diverse in tropical shallow waters. 鞎畾澆敶X敶g綽箏雿嚗擃箏惜憭改雿畾潮瑚隞乩畾澆寧銝瑯畾潸”瑁箄箸憿蝎拚函蝯蝭嚗銝虫誑撘璅憿脣曉箏暺脩頠貊蝑敶Y畾潛格嚗鈭畾潛桐瘥嚗閫鞈迎撠潭挺嚗唳嚗詨其嫘朣芣蝺朣嚗怎垢扎憭閬憌改憌擳憿鞎憿撠脯瑟潛勗葆瘛箸絲 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
9 Architectonicidae 頠頛芾箇 Shell conical to planispiral, with heterostrophic protoconch, and wide umbilicus, Surface usually with characteristic spiral sculptures. Operculum corneous with small peg on inner side. 鞎畾澆敶W啣像嚗畾潮嚗摮撱畾潸”撣豢函寧箸颯閫鞈迎批湔撠 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
10 Vitrinellidae 賡頛芾箇 Shell depressed conical, oftern translucent white. Systematics of this family are extremely confused, and some species can be transferred to Skeneidae (Vetigastropoda). 畾潛箔撟喟敶g質莎典憿銝鈭唳橘銝其遢蝔桅航賢惇嘯keneidae (Vetigastropoda) 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
11 Haliotidae 擙箇 Shell discoidal, with low spires. A row of respiratory pores present along shoulder. Internal surface with strong pearly lustre. Foot oval and broad with no operculum. 畾潛箇文耦嚗箏雿瘝輯拚冽銝澆詨畾澆折X撘瑞瞉扎鞎∪頞喳祝撱嚗萄敶g貊斤 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
12 Ficidae 瑁箇 Shell fig-like in shape with low spire and body whorl whivh elongated abapically drawn into open siphonal canal. A slight sexual dimorphism present in shell morphology. No operculum present. 鞎畾澆耦瘀箏雿嚗擃箏惜憭改銝函敦瘀撱嗡撓喲曄瘞渡恣皞蝔桃擃敶潭迨鈭敺桃撌桃啜瘝 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
13 Trochidae Shell form conical in majority of species. Inside of aperture markedly iridescent. Operculum corneous, multispiral. Radular formula n-5-1-5-n. 憭折典蝔桅畾澆箏敶U畾澆折X撘瑞瞉扎箏抒閫鞈芥朣撘槃-5-1-5-n 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
14 Turbinidae Shell form conical, turbinate, planispiral, etc. Inside of aperture iridescent. Radular formula n-5-1-5-n. Operculum lossely coiled, calcified in most species. 畾潛箏敶g箏耦撟喳瑕耦畾澆折X憿航瞉扎朣撘槃-5-1-5-n箸箏砥敶g憭折典蝔桅箇喟啗釭 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
15 Nassariidae 蝜蝝箇 Shell generally small, with elevated conical spire and round base. Surface generally smooth, glossy, occasionally with axial and spiral sculptures. Aperture round, with developed columellar callus. Anterior canal short and broad. Outer lip with palatal lirae or denticles. Operculum chitinous with terminal uncleus. Soft bottom in intertidal zone to deep water in temperate to tropical areas. Scavenger. 鞎畾潔砍惇撠嚗敶Z箏嚗敶Y畾澆畾潸”銝砍像皛瞉歹鈭瑟箄畾澆敶g頠詨皛撅斤潮瘞渡恣皞剛撖研憭銝憿瑟撠朣閫鞈芥撣潭澈撣嗅啁勗葆啣瞏桅撣嗅唳楛瘚瑕憌扼 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
16 Mitridae 蝑箇 Shell generslly fusiform , cylindrical, or conical, surface smooth or clathrate, without strong axial or spiral sculptures. Siphonal canal short, opened. Operculum absent. Radula rachiglossate with multicuspid comb-like lateral teeth. Divergent in tropical to warm temperate shallow water. Carnivorous. 鞎畾潔砍蝝∠梁敶g畾潸”撟單澆銝瑟憿舐蝮梯瘞渡恣皞剛整瘝朣撠嚗閮勗瑹湧敺勗葆唳澈撣嗥瘛箸絲賣撣憌扼 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
17 Neritopsidae Shell hemi-spherical, white, with dense granulose spiral ribs. Spire moderately elevated, with constricted suture. Aperture broad and round. Outer lip thickened interiorly. Columellar thickened only anterior and posterior portions forming square notches, operculum calcified, lunate with broad, truncate peg interiorly. Redula rhipidoglossate whithout rachidian. 畾澆萄耦嚗質莎箏雿嚗蝮怠蝺嗆嚗畾潸”閬皛輸蝎箄畾澆敶g撖砍誨嚗憭批渲亙嚗畾潸遘銝銝典嚗皛撅方亙箏喟啗釭嚗敶g抒楠箏啣啣耦蝒韏瑯朣箸敶g雿∩葉朣 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
18 Dentaliidae 鞊∠鞎蝘 Shell horn-shaped, usually thick and stout, gradually tapers adapically. Apical orifice sometimes with slits. Cross-section usually circular or polygonal. Central tooth of radula wider than long. 鞎畾潭閫貉嚗撣詨銝綽唳挺蝝堆畾潮鋆撠摮畾潛璈怠a撣詨敶X憭敶g朣銝剖亢朣撖砍漲憭扳潮瑕漲 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
19 Cassidae Shell large to medium in size, thick, round, with low spire and large body whorl. Aperture lunate. 鞎畾澆之唬葉嚗畾澆箏雿嚗擃箏惜憭扼畾澆瘞渡恣皞隡貉唾氬批銝皛撅歹憭嚗折典蝝圈嚗閫鞈迎嚗詨其葉敹朣銝剖亢朣蝻箔敺朣撠 1 1 2011-08-02 19:09:16
20 Tridacnidae 蝖函ㄡ斤 Shell large to very large, thick, apparently subequilateral, equivalve, usually with byssal gape. Living on coral debris, or boring in corals, holding ventral margin upward, which is a result of the special feeding relationship with zooxanthellae in mantle tissue. Hinge plate with 1 cardinal tooth and 1 or 2 posterior lateral teeth. Posterior adductor muscle and posterior pedal retractor muscle shifting to central portion of shell, and anterior adductor muscle wanting. Parivincular ligament well developed. Restricted to intertidal to upper subtidal zones in the Indo-West Pacific. 鞎畾澆之圈撣詨之嚗畾澆嚗拇挺蝑敶Y憭批詨撣豢頞喟結璉脫舀潛畾撉訾賢脣亦蝷嚗寥券蝺銝嚗憭憟扳脤餃梁蝯朣1銝駁嚗12敺湧敺畾潸敺嗉雲敺畾潔葉憭桃宏嚗畾潸蝑撣嗥潮撣潸正憭芸像瘣瞏桅撣嗅唬瞏桀葆 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
21 Hipponicidae Shell limpet-shaped with posteriorly situated apex. Inner side of the shell smooth or with a V-shaped internal projection. Animals attach to rocks or shells of other animals, by secreting a ventral calcareous plate. 畾澆蝚敶g畾潮敺嫘畾澆折Y陛殷瑟V摮敶Y踴畾潛桀撣貉寥W臭誑瘜喟啗釭啣漣嚗隞乩噶澆痔單嗡拍鞎畾潔 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
22 Lymnaeidae 璊撖西箇 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
23 Malleidae 銝蝘 Shell medium- or large-sized, subequivalve to inequivalve. Though the shape is considerably irregular, many species are T-shaped with elonged wings and main body. Umbo placed near the center of dorsal margin. Byssus often degenerated. Shell microstructure similar to that of the Pteriidae, though nacreous layer is relatively thin. Inner layer narrowly distributed owing to the remarkably elastic mantle. Monomyarian. Filibranchiate. Heart pierced by rectum. 鞎畾潔葉憭批嚗撟曆貊唬蝑畾潦憭銝箏嚗閮勗蝔桅銝駁蝧潛冽T摮敶U畾澆游刻蝺銝剖亢雿蝵柴頞喟結撣賊鞎畾潛敺桃敦瑽曊航斤訾撮嚗雿撅方憭憟撣豢敶改撣函寧批惜桃嚗蝯脤敹鋡怎渲貉疵蝛踴 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
24 Potamididae 瘚瑁瑁箇 Shell medium to large in size, elongate conical woth may whorls. Surface sculptured with many spiral and typically thick axial ribs. Mature specimens have flared outer lip, deep siphonal canal. Anterior margin of the outer lip oftern expands over siphonal canal. Operculum circular and multispiral. Head with large snout. Pallial siphonal eye oftern present. 畾潔葉啣之嚗蝝圈瘀箏惜敺憭畾潸”撣豢敺憭箄憿航蝎蝮梯擃畾澆憭嚗撣詨潮嚗撖砍誨嚗瘞渡恣皞銋敺瘛梧憭蝺撣詨辣隡貉瘞渡恣皞箏敶Y敶g剝冽蝎憭抒駁剁典憟瘞渡恣餈潛 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
25 Melongenidae 擐箇 Shell medium to large in size, elongate fusiform. Shoulder usually with low nodules of spinous tubercles. Surface covered by velvety periostracum. Aperture spacious, with open anterior canal. Columellar lip lacks fold. Outer lip not thickened. Operculum oval, with terminal nucleus. Central tooth of radula with 3 cusps, lateral with 2 large cusps. Only Hemifusus occurs in Japan. 鞎畾潔葉啣之嚗瑞插蝬敶g箏惜拚券撣詨瑟璉蝯蝭畾潸”頠皛畾潛株畾澆敺撱瘞渡恣皞頠詨瘝箄憭瘝憓萄耦嚗詨冽怎垢朣銝剖亢朣3朣撠嚗湧2憭折撠 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
26 Fasciolariidae Shell medium to large in size, robust with long anterior canal. Surface ornamented by thick axial ribs and spiral sculpture, frequently covered by velvety periostracum. Aperture oval. Outer lip not thickened with spiral cords on inner wall. Operculum leaf-shaped, downwardly situated nucleus. Soft part reddish. Central tooth of radula narrow with 3 cusps. Lateral tooth wide with many ctenoid cusps. Carnivorous. Three subfamilies in Japanese waters: Fasciolariinae is usually large in size, with shoulder knods, thin periostracum, and columellar folds. Peristerniinae has medium-sized shell ornamented by thick axial ribs overridden by slender spiral cords. Fusininae has shell of medium to large in size, ornamented by distinct spiral cords, covered by thick periostracum with no columellar folds and long anterior canal. 鞎畾潔葉啣之嚗綽瘞渡恣皞瑯畾潸”敺頠貉箸鳴撣豢頠皛畾潛株畾澆萄耦憭瘝憓嚗典批箸蝝嚗詨其嫘頠擃其蝝脯朣銝剖亢朣寧3朣撠湧撖祆閮勗瑹朣撠憌扼 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
27 Volutidae 皜西箇 Shell medium to large in size. Spire usually high and shell thick. Surface smooth or axially ribbed but seldom spiral sculptured. Aperture broad and inner to columellar lips covered with callus and carries columellar folds. Majority of members lacks operculum. Radula with only central tooth or accompanied with a single lateral tooth on both sides. 鞎畾潔葉啣之箏撣賊嚗畾澆畾潸”撟單瑞萵嚗雿撠箸颯畾澆撖祇嚗折典啗遘閬蝖祉桐頠貉憭批貊撩銋朣芣銝剖亢朣撌血喳銝湧 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
28 Pinnidae 瘙扯斤 Shell medium to large, beak situated anterior end. Periostracum thin. Nacreous layer not expanded to posterior end. Hinge teeth lacking. Anterior adductor scar small and situated anterior end, posterior scar large and central. No siphon present. Attached on substratum by byssus at anterior end, usually being buried in sediments with posterior margin upward. 畾潔葉啣之畾潮雿澆蝡臭蝵柴畾潸撅支蒂芸辣隡詨唳怎垢蝯朣蝻箔畾潸撠嚗雿澆蝡荔敺畾潸憭改雿潔葉憭柴瘝瘞渡恣典蝡舐頞喟結澆鞈迎隞亙蝺銝孵澆鞈芥 1 1 2011-08-02 18:55:36
29 Siliquariidae 航箇 Shell medium to large. Initial whorls loosely coiled, but gradually uncoiled in the later whorls. A canal or a row of pits on the shoulder of teleconch. Operculum conical or circular fringed with long bristles. The animals are suspension feeders, buried in clusters within sponges and coralline algae. 畾潔葉啣之嚗箏惜箇閬箸嚗隞亙箏惜瞍賊靘箇恣(箏惜)拚冽皞瑽嚗撠摮敶X敶g典嗅典瑞璉箏耦撣詨璉脫潭絲蝬踵喟啗颱葉嚗瞈暸瘣颯 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
30 Pteriidae 曊航斤 Shell medium to large-sized, pteriform or subquadrate, inequivalve with more strongly inflated left valve. Byssal notch present in front of right valve. Pleurothetic on dendritic cnidarians and other objects. Hinge almost edentulous, with a ligament pit on the anterior part of cardinal area. Radial sculpture generally undeveloped. Outer layer composed of prismatic calcite, while inner layer consists of nacreous aragonite. Internal surface pearly and shiny. Periostracum generally well developed. Monomyarian or remarkably anisomyarian. Filibranchiate. Heart not penetrated by rectum. 畾潔葉啣之嚗曈亙耦餈甇孵耦嚗銝蝑畾潘撌行挺頛箄典之頞喟結蝻箏餃典單挺嫘潭邦箇敦拙嗡拚蝯朣撟曆⊿嚗撣嗥版其葉憭桀寧雿蝵柴曉颱砌潮憭撅斤梁望寡圾喟批惜梁鞈芰啁喟折刻”X瞉扎畾潛桐祉潮株憿舐銝蝑蝯脤敹鋡怎渲貉疵蝛踴 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
31 Turridae 脩恣箇 Shell medium to minute in size, usually elongated fusiform in shape, mostly thick, but thin for deepsea species, mostly ornamented by axial and/ or spiral sculptures. Aperture fusiform. Anterior canal usually long and posterior (anal) notch present. Many lack operculum. If present, operculum corneous, elongated with downward by situated nucleus. Radula toxoglossate. Carnivorous. Living in intertidal down to hadal zone. This family is most diverse among prosobranch gastropods. 畾潔葉啣嚗撣豢蝝圈瑞插蝬敶U憭批豢挺鞈芸嚗瘛望絲蝔桅畾潸嚗憭豢蝮梯箄畾澆蝝∠敶U瘞渡恣皞撣賊瘀敺冽蝻箏颯閮勗蝻箔嚗憒嚗閫鞈芥蝝圈瘀詨其嫘朣嚗嚗憌扼撣潭蔭撣嗅唳楛瘚瑕啣葆祉箏敿鈭蝬梁車憿憭銝蝘 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
32 Olividae 璁扯箇 Shell medium to small in size. Spire low cylindrical to high fusiform. Surface glossy with corneous operculum or narrow without operculum. Siphonal canal deep. Parapodia enwraps shell. Live on sand bottom in warm temperate to tropical waters, carnivorous. 畾潔葉啣箏雿蝑敶g箏擃蝝∠敶U畾潸”瞉文蝢暻蝝蝮怠寧皞瑽賬畾澆撖祇閫鞈芸嚗畾澆寧瘝瘞渡恣皞瘛晞畾潸◤渲雲撣潭澈啁勗葆瘚瑕摨嚗憌扼 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
33 Solecurtidae 瘥嗥 Shell medium, antero-posteriorly elongated subquadrate. Anterior and posterior margins gaped. Beak very low, placed anterior to midpoint of dorsal margin. Outer surface smooth, or ornamented with radial or divaricate asymmetric ridges. Ligament parivincular. Pallial sinus deep, rounded. 畾潔葉嚗敺蝝圈瑕瑟孵耦敺蝺畾潮敺雿嚗雿潸蝺孵唬葉憭柴畾潸”撟單嚗曉甇抒銝撠蝔梁蝔蝺撣嗥憟蝺瘛梧敶U 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
34 Ellobiidae 唾箇 Shell minute to medium, usually solid, oval, sometimes depressed dorso-ventrally. Protoconch heterostroph. Surface smooth, sculptures weak. Aperture with some denticles. Operculum lacking. A pair of tentacles present with eyes at inner base. Hermaphroditic and genital opening of male and female separated. Usually live on sea coasts in middle intertidal to splash zones. 畾澆唬葉嚗撣詨綽萄耦嚗寥冽撟喋畾潛唳畾潸”撟單嚗颱憿胯畾澆銝鈭朣蝒韏瑯瘝潛粹冽銝撠閫貉憪抒畾冽銝撣詨撣潭絲瞈梁瞏桅撣嗡葉典唳蔭銝撣嗚 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
35 Littorinidae 暺箇 Shell minute to small, conical, and simple without a siphonal canal. Operculum corneous without an inner peg. Sexes separate; male with a grandular penis; female with a pallial oviduct complicatedly twisted in to spirals. Lacuninae inhabit on sea grasses in shallow waters, Littorininae on rocks and mangroves in upper intertidal to shallow water. 畾潸蕙雿啣嚗蝪∪桃敶g⊥偌蝞⊥箄鞈迎嗅批渡⊥舀蝒韏瑯批琿啗嚗批瑕脰銴頛詨萇恣Lacuninae鈭蝘璉脫舀潭滓瘚瑞瘚瑁餃嚗Littorininae鈭蝘臬冽滓瘚瑞撗拍蝝璅寞瞏桐撣嗚 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
36 Planaxidae 暻餉箇 Shell minute to small, conical, aperture round with a shallow siphonal canal. Females protect embryos in the cephalic broodpouch. The family comprises 2 subfamilies; Planaxinae characterized by small, slightly elongate shell without umbilicus, and Fossarinae by minute, turbinate shell with a wide umbilicus. 畾澆餈瑚啣嚗敶U畾澆敶g敺瘛箇瘞渡恣皞粹剝刻寥X脣嚗臭脣匱祉2鈭蝘嚗Planaxinae鈭蝘嚗撠嚗蝔蝝圈瘀∟摮嚗Fossarinae鈭蝘嚗畾澆凝撠嚗箏嚗撖砍誨摮 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
37 Vanikoridae 賢蔚箇 Shell minute to small, from inflated naticid-form to slender rissoid-form. Animals possessing a pair of epipodial folds, attached to hard substrates by a sucker at the posterior part of the foot. Many species formerly included in Fossariidae are now transferred in this family. 畾澆啗蕙雿嚗畾澆憒典之箏嚗銋璇暻潸箏頠擃剛雲典椰喳瑟銝撠銝頞唾銴塚蝬梯雲典寧貊歹臭誑澆蝖祉摨鞈芥隞亙憭折典蝔桅嚗詨惇厲ossariidae嚗曉典歇蝬寥豢祉 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
38 Rissoidae 暻潸箇 Shell minute to small, ovate to elongate conical in shape. Sculptures highly variable. Two subfamilies are recognized; Rissoinae characterized by minute conical shell and Rissoininae by small, elongate conical shell with thickened outer lip and welll developed posteior angulation in the aperture. 畾潸蕙雿啣畾澆耦敺萄耦圈敶U餃箇敶X霈敺憭扼箏拐蝘嚗Rissoinae鈭蝘撣詨凝撠嚗敶gRissoininae鈭蝘撠唬葉嚗擃敶g畾澆憭亙潮嚗敺寡寧交祉X100蝔桐誑銝 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
39 Skeneidae 頛芾箇 Shell minute to small, translucent white, lacking nacre. Over 30 Japanese species are know, but needed to be revised. 畾澆撠敶W啗蕙雿嚗嚗質莎雿∠撅扎交祉X30蝔桐誑銝嚗閬雿券X炎閮 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
40 Caecidae 蝞∟箇 Shell minute, more or less uncoiled. Caecinae tubular, lacking protoconch and upper whorls when matured. Citloceratinae with intact protoconch and teleoconch very loosely or tightly coiled. 畾潸蕙雿嚗憭撠撅璅摮Caecinae鈭蝘鞎箄箄怨質蝪∪桃蝑嚗Citloceratinae鈭蝘瑟綽畾潛箄嚗銋蝺撖鈭甈∟箸 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
41 Cypraeidae 撖嗉箇 Shell ovate with involuted spire. Outer and inner lips crenulated. Mantle thin, bilobed, and almost completely covers shell when alive. Radula taenioglossate. Herbivorous, omnivorous, or sponge-feeders. 鞎畾澆萄耦嚗箏惜扳脯憭批蝝圈憭憟鈭嚗瘣餉撟曆摰刻鞎畾潦朣蝝敶U駁扼憌扳憌瘚瑞馭 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
42 Stenothyridae Shell ovate, dorso-ventrically compressed, with well inflated body whorl and narrowly constricted aperture. Inhabiting in freshwater to brackish water. 畾澆萄耦嚗-寥Y憯嚗擃箏惜敺憭改畾澆箇寧敶U頠擃頞喳蝡臭葉憭格頞唾孛閫璉脫舀潭楚瘞游啣瘛⊿凳瘞游 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
43 Buccinidae 撜刻箇 Shell ovoid to fusiform, 1-25cm in shell length. Anterior canal open with columellar lip present or absent. Surface with spiral and/or axial sculptures. Operculum corneaous, with centrally or downwardly situated nucleus. Central tooth of radula quadrate with more 3 cusps. Lateral with 2 huge cusps with 0-5 denticles between them. 畾澆萄耦啁插蝬敶g畾潮1-25砍瘞渡恣皞嚗頠詨镼∼畾潸”箄蝮梯閫鞈迎詨其葉敹銝蝡胯朣銝剖亢朣孵耦嚗3隞乩朣撠嚗湧2憭折撠嚗朣撠銋0-5撠朣 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
44 Harpidae 璆獢箇 Shell ovoidal, with low spire, large body whorl, distinct axial ribs and/or spiral ribs. Aperture large with broad columellar callus. Operculum rudimentary or absent. Radula stenoglossate, vestigeal. Animal with broad mentum and disc-like broad foot. Autotomize metapodium. Shallow waters of warm temperate to tropical seas. 畾澆萄耦嚗箏雿嚗擃箏惜憭改畾潛蝮梯頠貉憿航畾澆憭改頠詨皛撅文嚗蝻箔朣寡嚗瑟撱餃箸踹斤撱寡雲敺頞唾芸撣潭澈撣嗅啁勗葆瘛箸絲 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
45 Bullidae 璉箇 Shell ovo-spherical and rather thick. Apex sunken, with a small apical pit. Aperture broad. Columellar fold absent. Animal with large cephalic shield, and bilobed behind. Parapodia small. 鞎畾澆萄耦嚗畾澆畾潮抒葬嚗銝撠摮畾澆撖祇瘝頠詨镼頠擃剜弁憭改敺嫣渲雲撠 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
46 Fissurellidae 鋆箇 Shell patelliform with apex positional posteriorly to centrally in most species. Slit formed at anterior margin, or foramen on or in front of apex. Closed part of slit or foramen oftern separated as selenizone. Protoconch spirally coiling, but teleoconch turned to be limpets by rapid expansion of whorl. Attaching to rock, gravel, and pebbles. 畾潛箸蝚嚗憭折典蝔桅畾潮敺嫘畾潛蝺蝻箏鳴畾潮其蝻箏鳴雿瑁敶X摮嚗蝻箏颱敶X頝∠箸航箸撠敶g敹恍瘀箏惜仿游之箸蝚澆痔蝷蝷怎喃 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
47 Patellidae 蝚箇 Shell patelliform. Apex directed to anterior side of animal. Pallial cavity with secondary gills but lacking ctenidium. Radula docoglossate with a formula 3-3-1/0-3-3. Common in intertidal zone of rocky shore. 畾潛箇陛桃蝚敶g畾潮嫘憭憟扳鈭甈⊿(銝瑟敿)啁嚗銝瑟祇朣箸敶g蝔桅銝瑚葉朣嚗雿銋蝔桅嚗湧蝺朣銝撠嚗朣撘3-3-1/0-3-3璉脫舀潛勗葆啣瑟澈撣嗥瞏桅撣嗆滓瘚瑕痔蝷 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
48 Lottiidae 株梢箇 Shell patelliform. Ctenidium present in pallial cavity. Radular formula 0/1/2-3-0-3-2/1/0. Diversified in intertidal zone of temperate to subarctic. 畾潛箸蝚敶U憭憟批瑟祇嚗雿∩甈⊿朣3撠湧嚗0-2撠蝺朣瑽嚗朣撘0/1/2-3-0-3-2/1/0璉脫舀潭澈撣嗅唬撖撣嗥瞏桅撣嗚 0 1 2005-11-30 19:31:22
49 Acmaeidae Shell pure white. Ctenidium present in pallial cavity. Redular formula 0-3/1-0-3/1-0. On rocks, sunken wood, or surface of other organisms in subtidal to bathyal zone. 畾潛賬瑟祇嚗∩甈⊿朣箸敶g蝻箔銝剝朣蝺朣嚗朣撘0-3-0-3-00-1-0-1-0潔瞏桀葆唳撓瘛望絲撗拍瘝冽嗡抵”U 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
50 Terebridae 蝑箇 Shell slender, turreted, with many whorls, frequently with subsutural spiral grooves or riblets and axial ribs which develop into neither spines nor varices. Colorations variable and mostly glossy. Aperture small with developed fasciole, without umbilicus. Outer lip not thickened, smooth inside. Columella twised. Operculum oval, with nucleus situated below. Radula lacking or with only marginals. Diverse in shallow water sand bottom in tropical waters. Carnivorous. 鞎畾潛敦瘀憛嚗箏惜憭脣蔗霈憭嚗憭折典瞉扎畾澆撠嚗蝮怠葆憿荔瘝摮憭瘝憓嚗折典像皛頠詨剛萄耦嚗訾潔嫘朣蝻箔蝺朣憭批璉脫舀潛勗葆瘚瑕瘛箸絲摨憌扼 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
51 Veneridae 蝪曇斤 Shell small to large in size, veneriform in shape. Umbo prosogyrous. Lunule and escutcheon usually present. Ligament external, posteriorly situated. Cardinal teeth 3 with anterior lateral tooth. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus triangular or round or absent. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗撣嗅剁雿澆嫘銝駁銝湧3畾潸憟蝺銝閫敶X敶X蝻箔 1 1 2005-01-14 00:08:55
52 Psammobiidae 蝝恍脰斤 Shell small to large, antero-posteriorly elongate oval. Posterior margin truncated. Ligament parivincular, opisthodetic, placed on nymph. Outer surface smooth, oftenly possessing radial ribs and oblique asymmetric ridges. With cruciform muscles. Pallial sinus more or less deep, symmetric in right and left valves. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗敺瑟岷敶U敺蝡舀芣瑞撣嗥畾潸”撟單嚗撣豢曉暹銝撠蝔梁颯憟蝺亦瘛梧摮敶Y撌血單挺撠蝔晞 1 1 2005-01-14 00:20:46
53 Mytilidae 畾潸斤 Shell small to large, equivalve with anteriorly situated beak, without strong sculptures. Periostracum evident, sometimes hairy. Internal surface with strong pearly lustre. Hinge teeth lacking, posterior scar large and C-shaped. No siphon present. Attached on substratum by byssus, sometimes boring. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗蝑畾潘畾潮典對瘝憿舐颯畾潛格憿荔鈭蝔桅瘥畾澆折X撘瑞瞉扎蝯朣蝻箔嚗敺憭批C瘝瘞渡恣隞亥雲蝯脤澆鞈迎舫賢 1 1 2005-01-14 00:43:27
54 Turritellidae Shell small to large, narrowly turreted. Outer lip of the aperture thin with a shallow V-shape sinus near the posterior margin. Operculum round, multispiral, small for the aperture. Animals suspension feeders, buried in sand bottom, with small foot and well developed mantle papillae at the entrance to mantle cavity. 畾澆撠啣之嚗敺敶W啁敦瑞憛敶U畾澆憭敺嚗餈敺蝺瘛箇V摮蝻箏箏抒敶g瘥畾澆箏撣詨璉脫潭絲摨瘜乩葉嚗箸蕪憌頞喳撠嚗典憟撌血渡交偌剁潮銋喲剔蝒韏瑯 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
55 Glycymerididae 嗉蝘 Shell small to large, subcircular, thick, equilateral, equivalve. Gently arched hinge plate with numerous small teeth. Beak weakly, occasionally strongly, opisthogyrous. Anisomyarian; anterior adductor muscle scar larger than posterior one. Outer surface smooth or ornamented with strong radial ribs, covered by well developed hairy or filmy periostracum. Ligament duplivincular, amphidetic, occasionally nearly completely prosodetic. Inner verntral margin strongly crenulated. Blood with haemogrobin. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗餈隡澆敶g畾澆嚗蝑畾潦撘敶Y朣斗閮勗撠朣畾潸憭扳澆畾潸畾潸”撟單憿舐箄嚗閬瘥畾潛柴銴撣嗚寧楠折X憿舐賊嚗銵瘨脫銵蝝賬 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
56 Solemyidae Shell small to large, thin and elongated subquadrate, equivalve, lacks cardinal tooth. Ligament external or deeply buried between both valves. Periostracum thick, dark brownish with strong gloss, and extended beyond ventral margin. Dimyaria. Foot with broad sole. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗畾潸瑟岷敶g蝑畾潘蝻箔銝駁撣嗅典剁瘛勗潮畾潔畾潛桀嚗暺銴莎撘瑞瞉歹撱嗡撓唾寧楠畾潸頞喳祝芣銝颯 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
57 Cardiidae 曈亙偏斤 Shell small to large, thin or thick, inequilateral, equivalve. Outer surface smooth , or ornamented with strong radial ribs with scales. Parivincular ligament well developed. Hinge plate with 2 small cardinal teeth, a strong anterior lateral tooth, and a posterior lateral tooth. Dimyarian. Integripalliate. Siphons very short. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗畾潭畾潘銝砌蝑湛蝑畾潦畾潸”撟單嚗憿舐曉敼蝑撣嗥潸脰臬末蝯朣斗2撠銝駁嚗銝箇湧嚗銝敺湧畾潸瘞渡恣璆萇准 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
58 Tellinidae 瑹餉斤 Shell small to large, thin, elongate oval. Hinge plate with cardinal teeth and anterior and posterior lateral teeth. Ligament parivincular. Siphons well-developed, with cruciform muscles below siphons. Pallial sinus very deep. Shells more or less inequivalve. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗畾潸嚗瑟岷敶U蝯朣斗銝駁敺湧撣嗥瘞渡恣潮嚗瘞渡恣銝摮敶Z憟蝺撣豢楛畾潔憭芰貊 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
59 Corbiculidae Shell small to large, veneriform and thick. Ligament external and opisthodetic situated. Cardinal teeth 3 with anterior and posterior lateral teeth which are finely crenulated or smooth. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus not sinuous or deeply bayed. Fresh or brackish waters. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗隡潔閫敶g畾澆撣嗅典嚗雿澆嫘3銝駁敺湧嚗湧蝝啣凝賊撟單畾潸2憟蝺瘝敶脫舀楛瘛梁乓X潭楚瘞湔瘙賣偌 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
60 Ostreidae ∟蝘 Shell small- to larged-sized, irregular but commonly higher than long, more or less inequivalve, attaching to hard objects by the umbonal part or whole surface of left valve. Monomyarian adductor muscle scar reniform or hemicircular, placed relatively close to posteroventral margin. Commissural shelf, if defined, relatively narrow. Both valves show foliated structure, though the outermost layer of right valve consists of prismatic calcite. Sometimes hollow chambers filled by chalky deposit occur in the shell. Pseudolamellibranchiate. Heart not pierced by rectum. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗畾澆耦銝銝摰嚗雿銝祉萵瘀畾澆撠銝貊嚗隞亙椰畾潛畾潮冽游撌行挺銵券a澆蝖祉拚桐畾潸嚗畾潸敶X敶g雿潛貊嗆亥澆寧楠雿蝵柴畾潮*蝷箄蝯瑽嚗單挺憭撅斗舐勗敶拍寡圾喟折函摰方◤鞎畾潛Y質脫蝛拙‵皛踴祉敿敹芾◤渲貉疵蝛踴 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
61 Pectinidae 瘚瑟斤 Shell small to large-sized, consisting of flabelliform or subcircular disk and auricles, more or less inequivalve. Coloration variable, commonly darker in left valve. Byssal notch and ctenolium exist in young byssate stage, but many species become free-living (or sedentary) with growth. Outer ligament attaching to the whole dorsal margin; resilium completely internal, placed below umbo.Surface commonly ornamented with radial ribs, and immature shells occasionally covered with two kinds of microsculpture (shagreen sculpture and Camptonectes striae). In both valves, outer layer is mostly composed of foliated calcite, and the inner layer consists of crossed-lamellar aragonite, though in many cool-water species the innermost part again shows foliated microstructure. Periostracum very thin. Monomyarian; quick muscle well developed in swimming species. Filibranchiate. Numerous tentacles and eyes exist on the mantle margin. Heart penetrated by the rectum. Some species hermaphroditic. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗望敶X憿敶Y文喟冽嚗銝蝑畾潦畾潸脰啣之嚗銝砍椰畾潮脰瘛晞頞喟結瑹朣典匱鞎摮具閮勗蝔桅冽瑕銵芰梁瘣颯憭撣嗅冽游蝺敶撣嗅典批剁雿潭挺銝嫘畾潸”銝祆潮曉撟潸憭銵典嗥暹2蝔桀凝蝝圈鳴蝬脩桃餃璇蝝嚗畾澆撅文之典梯寡圾喟嚗批惜曹漱啁喟嗉瑟偌閮勗蝔桅冽挺折典憿舐內寡圾單畾潛桀株嚗皜豢陶蝔桅璈怎潮蝯脤憭憟蝺閮勗閫豢潦敹鋡怎渲貉疵蝛踴鈭蝔桅擃 1 1 2011-08-02 19:04:35
62 Neritidae Shell small to medium in size, hemi-spherical and thick with smooth or spirally ribbed surface. Aperture lunate. Columellar callus well developed with denticulate or serrate edge. Operculum calcified, lunate with or without distinct peg. Redula rhipidoglossate. From intertidal zone to brackish or freshwater areas. Tropical to warm temperate. 畾潔葉撠嚗萄耦亙嚗畾潸”撟單嚗瑟箄畾澆敶g刻遘皛撅斤潮嚗嗥楠撠賊喟啗釭嚗敶g銝冽斤蝒韏瑯朣箸敶U敺勗葆唳澈撣嗥瞏桅撣嗅啣瘛⊿凳瘞湛瘛⊥偌蝑嚗撣 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
63 Cerithiidae 孵箇 Shell small to medium in size, hightly turreted, multi-whorled, thick and solid. Aperture oval with thickened outer lip, and typically with callus on columella when matured. Anterior canal apparent. Operculum horny, paucispiral. Snout short and broad. Rows of epipodial tentacles sometimes present present along both sides of foot. Ciliated groove present on the right side of body. Lacking penis. 畾澆唬葉嚗敺擃憛敶g箏惜詨憭嚗畾澆鞈迎箝畾澆璈W敶g擃憭亙嚗畾潸遘皛撅斤潮嚗瘞渡恣憿胯閫鞈芸敶U餌哨刻雲拙湛瑟銝頞喟韏瑯刻澈擃喳湛蝥瘥皞嚗銝琿啗 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
64 Ovulidae 瘚瑕箇 Shell small to medium in size, thin to thick, spindle to spherical in shape. Spire involuted. Outer ip frequently dentate internally, but columellar lip generally not crenulated. Anterior and posterior ends rostrated. Feed on cnidarians, such as pennatulaceans, gorgonaceans and madreporarians. Tropical to temperate waters. 畾澆唬葉嚗畾潸啣嚗敶Y梁插蝬敶W啁憭批湔閮勗蝝圈嚗頠詨瘝蝝圈敺皞蝒箝隞亥詨拍粹撣潛勗葆唳澈撣嗆偌 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
65 Siphonariidae 曇箇 Shell small to medium, oval patelliform with radial ribs. Part of ribs form siphonal ribs and projected on right periphery. Muscle scar C-shape, opened to right, with circular terminals. Gill and jaw present. Hermaphrodite, and genital pores of both sexes with single opening. Usually live on intertidal rocky botton exihibiting homing behavior. 鞎畾澆唬葉嚗敶X蝚嚗畾潮曉曉銝其遢敶X澆貊恣隡詨箸澆喲典C敶g喳湧嚗怎垢敶U敿憿擃嚗畾摮銝撣詨撣潭蔭撣嗅痔蝷摨剁摰嗥蝧扼 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
66 Columbellidae 暻亥箇 Shell small, fusiform to ovate, glossy with some sculpture. Outer lip usually thickened with some denticles within inner wall. Siphonal canal distinct. Operculum chitinous, oblong. Radula rachiglossate with truncate central tooth lacking cusp. Many species associated with algae. Carnivorous. Tropical to boreal waters, intertidal zone to bathyal depth. 鞎畾澆敶g蝝∠啣萄耦嚗鈭蝔桅畾潸”瞉扎憭撣貉亙嚗批銝鈭撠朣瘞渡恣皞憿胯閫鞈迎拙耦朣寡敶g銝剖亢朣蝻箔朣撠憭貊車憿璉脫舀潭絲颱憌扼撣潛勗葆啣璆菜絲嚗瞏桅撣嗅唳楛瘚瑟絲 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
67 Clavagellidae 瞈曄恣斤 Shell small, oval, with anteriorly advanced umbo and external ligament. Hinge lacks tooth. Pallial sinus embayed. Form medium to large calcareous tube with growth. 鞎畾澆嚗萄耦嚗雿澆寧畾澆游憭撣嗚蝯朣蝻箔朣憟蝺亦鞎敶X銝剖耦啣之喟啗釭蝞∼ 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
68 Arcidae 擳斤 Shell small, quadrate, thick, solid, and well-inflated. A sharp keel running from beak to postero-ventral corner. Outer surface ornamented by fine radial riblets and concentric threads presenting a cancellated appearance. Byssal gape situated a little anterior to center. Posterior area in inner surface occasionally brown. Southern Hokkaido, south-ward to tropical Indo-Pacific. Attached to rocks, in intertidal zone to 20m deep. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗隡潔閬敶W唳岷敶g銝蝑畾潭嗥曄畾潦畾潸”憿舐曉批渲寧楠蝝圈蝯朣方蝑湛閮勗蝝圈敺畾潸憭扳澆畾潸撣園V閫敶g銴撣嗚銵瘨脫銵蝝賬 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
69 Assimineidae 撅望貊蝘 Shell small, usually ovate conic but considerably polymorphic. Habitats ranginf from shallow waters to terrestrial, most common in estuaries. 畾澆嚗隞亦陛桃敶W憭嚗撣詨璅扼璉脫臬啁望滓瘚瑕圈詨啣嚗撣訾誑瘝喳瘛⊿凳瘞渡啣撅憭 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
70 Strombidae 曈喳啗箇 Shell solid, fusiform. Outer lip with stromboid notch, occasionally with digitate processes or spine-like canals. Operculum claw-shaped with serrated margin. Foot small and eye with long stalk. 祉勗孵噩舀挺憭孵銝曈喳啗箇撩(Stromboid notch)嚗蝻箏餅舀祉粹喟潔撓箏瑞的憭啣霈蝞⊿銝祈閮嚗瘞渡恣頛瘀箏惜粹敶g畾潸遘皛撅文潮嚗典撣豢蝒韏瘀蝔桅敺瘞渡恣銋敺潮 潮潔舀祉粹閬孵噩潭銝瑁撠閫豢圈 1 1 2005-11-22 19:08:57
71 Bursidae Shell solid, short obese fusiform and dorso-ventrally depressed. Varix on lateral side fused with those of preceding and subsequent whorls. Aperture usually stained in yolloeish to reddish colors. Columellar lip with developed callus and plicae thereupon. Periostracum seldom remained. Operculum horny with centrally situated nucleus. Central tooth of radula with hind cusps. Carnivorous. 鞎畾澆綽剔插蝬敶g寞憯湧刻箄乩W敺Y箏惜畾澆撣豢瘛⊿瘛∠脯頠詨惜潮蝖祉桀箄畾潛桅敺畾閫鞈迎詨其葉憭柴朣銝剖亢朣敺朣撠憌扼 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
72 Hydatinidae 瘜∟箇 Shell thin and ovo-spherical with depressed apex. Aperture broad with weakly twisted columella. Shell usually with brilliant color bands. Animal much larger than shell. Cephalic shield bears a pair of tentacles in front and bilobed 畾潸嚗萇敶g箏雿畾澆撖祇嚗頠詨頛敺格剛鞎畾潮撣豢鞊暻脣葆頠擃憭扳潭挺剜弁寞銝撠閫貉嚗敺蝡舀鈭渲雲撣詨誨嚗蝺粹 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
73 Tonnidae 曊箇 Shell thin, spherical with low conical spire. Protoconch yellowish brown, well-demarcated off from teleoconch. Surface with spiral ribs. Aperture broad with distinct siphonal canal. No operculum. Carnivorous. 鞎畾潸嚗敶g箏雿敶U畾潮銴莎敺畾潭憿舐乓畾潸”箸畾澆撖祇憿舐瘞渡恣皞瘝嚗憿舐瘞渡恣皞 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
74 Pleurotomariidae 蝧箇 Shell trochoid, ornamented by beaded spiral riblets, commonly with reddish flame patterns. Slit present on outer lip and selenizone on spires. Operture corneous and multispiral. Foot massive with no epipodial tentacles. Eye very small. 畾潛粹箏耦(敶)畾潸”瑟憿蝎箄嚗怎啣蔗蝝畾澆憭鋆嚗刻箏惜銝鈭行鋆頝∼箄鞈芰憭扼頞喲函∩頞喟韏瑯澆撠 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
75 Modulidae 憯箄箇 Shell turbinate, with an umbilicus and a columellar denticle. Cephalic tentacles long with an small eye on the middle. Lacking penis like other cerithioideans. 畾潛箔撟喟箏嚗摮嚗畾潸遘朣瑽剝刻孛閫敺瘀典嗡葉憭格撠潛孵箔璅嚗銋⊿啗 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
76 Pleuroceridae 撌瑞 Shell turreted, and thick, with many whorls. Surface typically sculptured with many narrow spiral ribs and thick axial ribs. Aperture semicircular with a distinct siphonal canal. Operculum circular, multispiral. This group had been formerly allocated in the Potamididae, and separated as a distinct family based on the differences of sperm and radula morphology, and structure of the female reproductive system. 畾澆敶g撖佗箏惜敺憭畾潸”敺憭蝝啁箄蝎蝮梯畾澆敶g銝憿航瘞渡恣皞箏敶Y敶U祉拇鋡怎蔭潭絲瑞Potamididae嚗雿望澆函移摮朣敶X抒畾典銝嚗銝蝘 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
77 Truncatellidae 瑟挺貊蝘 Shell turreted. Apical whorls lacking when matured. Inhabit under debris and algae washed up in supralittoral zone. 畾潛敦瘀擃敶g鞎畾潮冽瑟敶X蝑敶U璉脫舀潮瘝怠葆璈蝣瘚瑁颱葉 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
78 Epitoniidae 瘚瑁箇 Shell white or brownish, usually ornamented with thick or thin axial ribs that are frequently lamellar. Aperture round and thickened. Operculum corneous and black or yellow. Radula ptenoglossate. Teeth smaller towards inner one, with 1-5 cusps. Animal excretes purplish fluid. Usuallu exoparasitic on actinarians. 鞎畾潛質脫銴莎撣豢頠貉畾澆閫鞈迎暺脫暺脯朣蝧潸敶U朣撠澆Y折剁1-5朣撠頠擃瘜瘛∠換脩瘨脤撣詨刻詨拐銵憭典 1 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
79 Ranellidae 瘜箇 Small to large, thick, fusiform. Protoconch large and brown, distinctly separated from teleoconch. Spiral ribs strong, occasionally nodulous. Varices present. Periostracum usually thick. Inner wall of outer lip and columellar lip ornamented with folds or tubercles. Anterior canal rostrate. Operculum horny with nucleus situated laterally or downwards. Radula taenioglossate. Carnivorous. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗鞈芰插蝬敶U畾澆之銴莎敺畾潭憿舐乓箸憿荔嗥暹撠憛畾潛桀嚗憭批頠詨憯箇撠蝒韏瑯瘞渡恣皞閫鞈迎詨典湧銝嫘朣蝝憌扼 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
80 Spondylidae 瘚瑁斤 This family is characterized by attaching to hard objects by the surface of right valve, which is generally larger and deeper than left valve. Shell is commonly medium or large-sized, having both auricles of similar size, without byssal gape is observed. Right valve has a triangular cardinal area. A pair of crural teeth developed on both sides of resilium pit. Disk of left valve (or both valves) ornamented with radial ribs of a few orders, on which significant spiny projections occur in most species. Outer layer consists of foliated calcite, and inner layer is wholly composed of crossed-lamellar aragonite. Soft part is essentially similar to that of the Pectinidae, but mantle margin lacks tentacles. 祉孵噩箔誑單挺銵券a澆啁抬單挺銝砍之潔瘛望澆椰畾潦鞎畾潔砌葉憭批嚗詨憭批喟剁瘝頞喟結單挺銝銝閫敶Y銝餉敶撣嗥版2湔銝撠潮朣撌行挺嚗畾潘銝閬曉嚗憭批貊車憿銝X憿航撠箇韏瑯憭撅斤梯寡圾喟嚗批惜摰函曹漱瑽啁喟頠擃孵噩 Pectinidae 蝘訾撮嚗雿憭憟蝺瘝閫豢 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
82 Achatinidae 瘣脣之貊蝘 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
83 Acteocinidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
84 Acteonidae 餉箇 Shell elliptical to cylindrical, with elevated spire and pointed apex. Aperture narrow. Columella usually with one or two folds. Inner lip sometimes with a projection. Operculum almost completely closing aperture. Animal completely withdrawal into shell. Infaunal. 鞎畾潭岷敶W啣勗耦箏擃銝畾潮撠畾澆寧嚗頠詨撣豢12箇批鈭蝒韏瑯撟曆臭誑摰典雿畾澆頠擃摰函葬唳挺改批冽扼 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
85 Aglajidae Shell internal, rudimentary, small, sometimes calcified. Animal very soft, cylindrical. Radula usually absent. In Philinopsis, soft-body ovate to rectangular in outline. Head-shield with truncated frontal edge. Mantle margin with 2 short, bilobated lobes posteriorly. Feeding on small mollusks. In Chelidonura soft-body elongate, with slender head-shield. Mantle-shield elongated with roundish visceral mass. Posterior part tapering into 2 lobes, usually left longer than right. 鞎畾澆敶g嚗批冽改撟喉喟啣頠擃頠嚗勗耦撣豢朣Philinopsis銝撅祉頠擃頛芸敶W圈瑟孵耦剜弁蝡臬芣瑞憭憟璆臬孵2隞亙敶Z擃拍粹每helidonura銝撅穿頠擃蝝圈瘀蝝圈瑞剜弁憭憟璆舐敦瑕怎亙敶Y扯敺典蝝啣2嚗撣詨椰瘥唾瑯 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
86 Alycaeidae 撣嗥恣貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
87 Amphibolidae 拇ㄡ箇 Shell small to medium, globose with depressed spire. Aperture lunulate. Umbilicus open. Operculum, thin, corneous and pausispiral. Tentacles on head with eyes at base. Live on intertidal mud bottom of sheltered waters. 鞎畾澆唬葉嚗敶g箏雿畾澆摮嚗閫鞈芥剝冽閫貉嚗剔粹冽潦璉脫舀澆抒瞏桅撣嗆野摨 0 1 2004-11-11 19:43:40
88 Ampullariidae 蝳憯質箇 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
89 Anatinellidae Shell oval, gaping inequilateral, equivalve. Parivincular ligament small. Hinge with prominent resilifer, small cardinal teeth, wanting lateral teeth. Inner ventral margin smooth. Dimyarian; anterior adductor muscle scar long, narrow; pallial line integripalliate. 鞎畾澆萄耦嚗蝑畾潘銝蝑氬撣嗅嚗蝑撣嗚蝯朣蝒箇敶撣塚銝駁撠嚗瘝湧寧楠折W像皛嚗畾潸蝝圈瑯 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
90 Ancylidae 瘛⊥偌蝚箇(方瑞) 0 1 2006-09-29 19:22:58
91 Angariidae 璉箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
92 Anomiidae Shell commonly medium-sized, irregularly orbicular, weakly convex. Right valve nearly flat and generally thin, having an embayment or foramen near umbo through which the body adhere to hard objects by horny (sometimes calcified) byssus. Large pedal retractor muscle scar impressed above adductor scar. Main part of shell consisting of micaceous flakes of foliated calcite; outer surface of left valve often with divergent microsculpture. Filibranchiate. Heart not penetrated by rectum. 鞎畾潔砌葉嚗銝閬隡澆敶g蝔敺株刻嫘單挺銝祆撟唾嚗刻摮餈銝瘛梁摮嚗閫鞈迎喟啗釭嚗頞喟結望迨蝛輸澆鞈芥撌典之蝮株雲典扳嗉銝嫘鞎畾澆之典梢脫寡圾唾蝯撌行挺憭銵冽敺桀耦颯蝯脤敹瘝鋡怎渲貉疵 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
93 Aplysiidae 瘚琿嘀蝘 Shell internal, leaf-shaped, thin, and fragile, or absent. Body with small head and swollen or somewhat flat visceral mass, which is covered by expanded parapodia lying over ctenidium, shell, anus, and secreting gland. Head with rhinophores and oral tentacles, forming rolled auriculated shape. Body surface smooth or with papillate. Herbivorous. 鞎畾潸嚗蝣嚗蝻箔頠擃瑟撠剝典刻寞蝔敺桀像衣扯嚗扯鋡怠渲雲閬嚗渲雲典折券鞎畾潦憭瘜箇銝嫘剝冽閫貉閫豢嚗敶X喟瑟脯頠擃銵券W像皛銋喟蝒韏瑯憌扼 0 1 2004-11-11 19:45:06
94 Argonautidae 寡貊 Body muscular. Females much larger than males. Arm I of females has a broad membrane which produces a shell for brooding eggs. Mantle of female dome-shaped with smooth surface. Fins absent. Mantle opening wide. Arms II-IV thin without webs. Arm suckers in 2 rows. Right Arm III of male hectocotylized with a wipe-like elongation distally. This portion autotomizes during copulation. 頠擃鞈芥折憭扳潮扼抒蝚砌撖祇嚗航ˊ摮曉萇畾潦抒憭憟嚗憭銵典像皛瘝敿准憭憟撖祇蝚2-4蝝啗瘝嚗貊斗2抒喟洵3舫剔怎垢撱園瑞鈭斗亥嚗其漱芸 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
95 Atlantidae 瘚瑁嗉箇 Shell planispiral, smaller than or little larger than 10mm in diameter, with highly elevated keel along the periphery. Foot transformed into discoidal ventral fin and tail. Outer lip with deep sinus. Operculum present. Body completely withdrawn into the shell. Holoplanktonic in warm waters. 鞎畾澆像瘀游撠潭蝔憭扳10mm嚗擃銵典典擃樴撉冽踴頞唾霈斤寥鬼撠暸剁憭瘛梁嚗瘚格虜改摮潭澈瘞游 0 1 2004-11-11 19:48:31
96 Atyidae ∟箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
97 Bradybaenidae 貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
98 Bullinidae 鞊餉箇 Shell elliptical to cylindrical, with low spire and blunt apex. Surface with punctured spiral grooves. Aperture wide. Columella slightly twisted. Operculum much smaller than aperture. Animal completely withdrawal into shell. Epifaunal. 鞎畾潭岷敶W啣勗耦嚗箏雿嚗畾潮畾潸”箸畾澆撖研頠詨頛敺格剛撠潭挺 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
99 Cadlinidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
100 Cadulidae 鞊∠鞎蝘 0 1 2004-11-11 20:01:24
101 Calliodentaliidae 鞊∠鞎蝘 Shell thin and curved, weakly compressed dorso-ventrally with nearly flat dorsum. Surface smooth and shining. Apical orifice shallowly sinuous. Aperture oblique. 鞎畾潸銝敶莎寞憯蝮殷畾潸”撟單鈭柴畾潮撠摮瘛箄敶莎畾澆暹 0 1 2002-10-15 08:00:00
102 Callistoplacidae 喲蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
103 Calyptraeidae Shell cap- or slipper-liker in shape. Shelly septum present in posterior aperture. Mostly ectoparasitic on mollusks and feed on host's excretion. 鞎畾澆蜇畾澆敺寞畾潸釭撖典嗡頠擃拍畾潸”嚗隞亙銝餌瘜拍粹 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
104 Camaenidae 鈭貊蝘 There are many shell shapes of Camaenidae such as conical, disc, and rounded, etc. After matured, the outer lip always thicked and turned outside. Camaenidae are worldwide distribution landsnails, such as tropical areas of Asia, Australia, and America. During maturing, the landsnails of this family are oviparous and laid small eggs in the surface of the soil. They are ground dwellers or arboreal snails. Most of them are herbivores. 祉畾澆耦敺憭抒霈嚗隞亙敶U文耦敶Y蝔桅頛憭嚗撌行箸單粹賢具憭折典蝔桅澆擃嚗畾澆憭蝧餃脯鈭貊典其啁撣撱瘜嚗撣豢ㄡ舀潔瘣脯瞉單散蝢瘣脩勗葆韏日啣嚗隞亙鈭銝撣嗉箏虜閬嚗蝔梁箏鈭貊萇嚗撠頠萄澆啗”銝哨擃唳ㄡ璅寞ㄡ蝑銝蝧改祉貊箄憌扼典啁銋撣貊潛曉嗉馱頝∴嗡葉典蝔桅臬啁梢典啣寞蝔柴 0 1 2005-11-30 22:51:07
105 Cancellariidae 貉箇 Shell usually thick, fusiform, sculptured with distinct spiral and axial ribs, aperture with several columellar folds. Radula with a single row of long, narrow ribbon-like teeth. Most species inhabiting on sandy or gravel bottom, in subtidal zone and deeper waters. Some species sucking of fishes. 畾澆嚗蝝∠敶g蝮梯箇鈭文潛嚗畾澆詨頠詨镼朣銝嚗瑁蝒嚗瑟憭批璉脫舀潭蔭銝撣嗥摨蝣喳鈭蝔桅詨擳擃瘨脯 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
106 Capulidae Shell thin, cap-shaped, planorbid to turrited, thin with thick straw-colored periostracum which frequently arise as periostracal hairs. Some are ectoparasitic on other animals including mollusks. 畾潸嚗蝚撟喳瑕啣嚗畾潸”畾潛株◤閬鈭蝔桅撖典嗡拙祈擃拍擃銵具 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
107 Cardiliidae Shell small, cardiiform, higher than long, strongly inequilateral, equivalve. Beak prosogyrous, strongly incurved. Parivincular ligament small, resilium well-developed. Dimyarian. Pallial line entire. 畾澆嚗銝蝑湛蝑畾潘蝑撣嗅嚗敶撣嗥潮嚗畾潸 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
108 Carditidae 蝞方斤 Shell moderately small, thick, solid, trapezoidal, strongly inequilateral, equivalve. Outer surface ornamented with strong radial ribs. Hinge with 2 strong cardinal teeth. Dimyarian. Integripalliate. 畾潭桅撠嚗綽敺銝蝑湛銝蝑畾潦畾潸”憿舐曉賊2撘瑕ㄞ銝駁畾潸 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
109 Carychiidae 蝵蝎貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
110 Cavoliniidae 擏嗉箇 Shell round box-shaped consisted of dorsal and ventral valves with or without tail-like early shell. Aperture narrow, transverse, sinuous far posteriorly. Unlike the preceding family, mantle cavity opens ventrally and columella muscle situated dorsally. 鞎畾潛梯畾澆寞挺蝯樴脣耦嚗鈭蝔桅憿隡澆偏撌渡畾潦畾澆寧憭憟刻孵湧嚗頠詨雿潸氬 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
111 Cerithiopsidae 孵箇 Shell turreted, usually dextral; protoconch smooth and multispiral; teleoconch sculptured with distinct spilal cords, and often with axial ribs. Numerous species inhabiting in intertidal zone to bathyal depths, although most of them remained unstudied. Living and feeding on sponges. 畾澆嚗憭批單嚗畾澆像皛憭嚗畾潸箄憿航嚗撣豢蝮梯憭批豢ㄡ舀潭蔭撣嗅唳撓瘛望絲嚗箄潭絲蝬蹂 0 1 2003-09-23 08:00:00
112 Chamidae Shell small to large, attached to rocks or shells by right or left valve, strongly inequilateral, inequivalve. Dimyarian. Parivincular ligament opisthodetic. Integripalliate. Siphons separated. Inner ventral margin smooth or crenulated. 鞎畾澆啣之嚗隞亙單挺撌行挺箄澆痔蝷銝銝蝑畾潘蝑撣塚寧楠折W像皛蝝圈 0 1 2004-11-11 18:55:50
113 Cheileidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
114 Chromodorididae 憭敶拇絲暻暻蝘 Body colorful, elongate, soft and usually smooth on dorsal surface. In temparate and tropical seas throughout Japan to Indo-West Pacific, Australia and Africa. 祉擃脰撖憭霈嚗頨恍蝝圈瘀頠擃a撣詨像皛剝冽2閫貉嚗撠暸冽詨蝝圈瑞敿撣潭澈撣嗅勗葆瘚瑕嚗敺交砍啣啣漲镼踹云撟單嚗瞉單散瘣脫絲撣 0 1 2004-11-11 19:12:31
115 Clausiliidae 蝞∟貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
116 Colubrariidae 撣蝝箇 Shell small to medium in size, fusiform. Protoconch smooth, but teleoconch usually with axial and spiral riblets creating a cancellated sculpture. Varices occasionally present. A thick callus develop on inner to columellar lips in Colubrareia. Operculum usually smaller for aperture, oval, with nuculeus below and outwards. 畾澆唬葉嚗蝝⊿敶U畾澆像皛嚗畾潮撣豢蝮梯箄鈭文畾澆寧蝝⊿敶g憭亙嚗璈W敶g瘥畾澆撠 0 1 2004-11-11 20:04:39
117 Coralliophilidae 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
118 Corbulidae 梯斤 Shell small to medium in size, oblong, thick, and solid. Right valve larger than left valve. Resilium below umbo. Sharp tooth-like cardinal on right valve. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus barely embayed. 畾澆唬葉嚗瑟岷敶g畾澆蝖研單挺憭扳澆椰畾潦敶撣嗡潭挺銝嫘畾潛嚗憟蝺撟曆瘝亦 0 1 2005-01-14 00:29:14
119 Corillidae 貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
120 Costellariidae 寧箇 Shell generally fusiform or cylindrical. Surface glossy, generally with strong axial ribs. Aperture narrow, elongated with plicae on columellar lip. Siphonal canal attenuated, relatively narrow. Operculum absent. Radula rachiglossate with unicuspid lateral teeth. Divergent in tropical to warm temperate shallow water. 畾潔砍蝝⊿蝑敶U畾潸”瞉歹憭批瑟憿舐蝮梯畾澆寥瘀頠詨箄瘞渡恣皞寥瑯瘝朣撠瑕桀湧撣潛勗葆唳澈撣嗆滓瘚瘀琿摨血璅扼 0 1 2004-11-11 19:28:47
121 Crassatellidae Shell moderately small, thick, solid, inequilateral, equivalve. Resilium located on hinge plate below beak; opisthodetic parivincular ligament small. Dimyarian. Inner ventral margin finely crenulated. Integripalliate. 畾澆唬葉嚗畾澆嚗蝖穿敺銝蝑湛蝑畾潦敶撣嗡潛朣文冽挺敺嫘蝑撣嗅嚗畾潛折刻寧楠蝝圈 0 1 2005-01-14 00:51:25
122 Cucullaeidae 擳斤 Shell large, subquadrate, well-inflated, inequilateral, inequivalve. Hinge teeth on straight hinge plate arranged radially, elongated and nearly horizontal distally. Dimyarian. Posterior adductor muscle placed on well-develpoed buttress. 畾澆之嚗餈隡潭迤孵耦嚗畾潮刻對銝蝑畾潘銝蝑蝯朣券蹂曉嚗怎撱園瑁銋撟唾畾潛 0 1 2006-01-04 18:57:12
123 Cuspidariidae Shell small to medium in size, with round anterior margin and rostrate posterior part. Ligament external, situated posteriorly. Resilium under umbo. Hinge teeth lacking or weak if present. Pallial sinus shallow. Carnivorous. 畾澆唬葉嚗蝺敶g敺典蝒箝撣嗅典雿澆嫘敶撣嗅冽挺銝蝯朣蝻箔喃蝙銋銝憿胯憌扼 0 1 2004-11-18 19:41:40
124 Cultellidae Shell medium to large, antero-posteriorly elongate oval, thin, more or less compressed. Anterior and posterior margin rounded, gaped. Ligament parivincular. Pallial sinus shallow. 畾潔葉憭批嚗敺撱園瘀隡潭岷敶g畾潸蝡航敺蝡舫蝺敶V蝑撣嗚憟蝺敶瘛箝 0 1 2005-01-14 00:34:07
125 Cyclophoridae 撅梯貊蝘 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
126 Dendrodorididae Body soft in most species. Dorsum smooth or with protuberances. Radula and jaw lacking. Feed on sponges. 憭貊車憿擃頠典像皛斤蝒箇押蝻箔朣憿踴隞交絲蝬輻粹 0 1 2004-11-18 19:45:21
127 Dimyidae Shell small-sized, thin, highly inequivalve, irregular in shape, attaching to hard objects by right valve. Right valve often becomes deeper with growth, while left valve remains nearly flat. Teeth weak; ligament internal. Inner surface often shows crenulated margin and pearly luster, but inner layer probably consists of crossed-lamellar aragonite. Dimyarian; anterior adductor smaller than posterior, but never degenerated throughout growth. Isofilibranchiate. 畾澆嚗鞈迎銝蝑畾潘敶Y銝閬嚗隞亙單挺箄澆蝖祉抵釭銝撌行挺撣貉撟喋朣敺桀摹嚗撣嗅典折具折冽挺蝺撣豢敺桃敦餌嚗批惜瞉扎畾潛嚗畾潛撠澆畾潛嚗蝯脤 0 1 2004-11-18 20:08:33
128 Diplommatinidae 暻餉貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
129 Donacidae 扯斤 Shell small to medium, cuneiform. Beak close to posterior margin. Parivincular ligament opisthodetic. Hinge with 2 strong cardinal teeth and anterior and posterior lateral teeth. Dimyarian, Pallial sinus rounded, deep. 鞎畾澆唬葉嚗畾澆耦璆敶g畾潮亥敺蝺瑕撣嗚2銝駁敺湧畾潸嚗憟蝺敶瘛勗敶U 0 1 2005-01-14 00:40:57
130 Dreissenidae 隡潭挺斤 Shell medium to small, trapezoidal to mytiliform with terminal umbos, thin. Ligament flat parivincular, placed between both valves. Hinge edentulous. Heteromyarian, small anterior adductor placed on septum below beak. Inner shell layer complex crossed-lamellar, not nacreous. Integripalliate, or shallowly sinupalliate. 畾潔葉撠嚗畾潸撣嗅像佗蝑撣嗚⊿賊 0 1 2005-11-30 19:01:06
131 Elysiidae 瘚瑕予蝘 Shell absent. Body generally small, elongate, with lobate parapodia and with auriculated rhinophores. Oral tentacles lacking. Feed on green algae. 畾潛撩銋擃撠撱園瑯瑟渲雲嚗閫貉銝瑕閫貉撣訾誑蝬餌粹 0 1 2005-12-09 01:05:27
132 Endodontidae 折貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
133 Enidae 隡潛蝞∟貊蝘 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
134 Enoploteuthidae 甇西擳瑞 Body small. Mantle conical with a tail. Fins rhombic. Arm suckers in two rows which transformed into hooks in adults. A part of manus suckers also transformed into hooks. Ventral surface of body beset with samll numerous photospheres. Several large photosphores embebded in ventral periphery of eyeball. Mesopelagic waters. 擃撠嚗憭憟敶g敿剖勗耦貊2嚗擃頧霈扎閫貉典貊支頧霈扎頨恍寥X閮勗撠澆剁潛典銝鈭憭抒澆具瘣餅潮瘣銝剖惜 0 1 2005-12-09 01:17:52
135 Episiphonidae 鞊∠鞎蝘 0 1 2004-11-11 23:09:11
136 Eratoidae 單朽箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
137 Eulimidae 瑁箇 Shell straight or curved, elongate conic, globular, or patelliform, but sometimes lacking. Radula ptenoglossate, existing only in a few genera (Eulima, Hemiliostraca, and Niso). Most species with acrembolic proboscis. Sex separate, or simultaneous/protandric hermaphroditic. Endo- or ectoparasitic on Echinodermata, but occasionally free living. 鞎畾潭湔敶莎瑕敶U敶Y銝敶Y蝔桅朣箇蕉敶g芣Eulima, Hemiliostraca, Niso撅祆朣圈/批擃撖冽桀拍折冽憭剁嗥曇芰梁瘣颯 0 1 2005-12-09 01:30:13
138 Fimbriidae 梁斤 Shell large, thick, solid, equivalve, without gape. Parivincular ligament opisthodetic, deeply burried between both valves. Both valves possessing 2 cardinal teeth and anterior and posterior lateral teeth. Beak prosogyrous. Anterior adductor muscle scar larger than the posterior one. Integripalliate. 畾澆之嚗綽蝑畾潘瘝蝑撣嗡澆對瘛勗潮畾潔畾潛2銝駁朣敺湧畾潮整畾潸亙之澆畾潸 0 1 2006-09-09 00:56:38
139 Fossaridae 撠∟箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
140 Gastrochaenidae 寡斤 Shell small to medium in size, oblong, thin, inflated with gaping anterior end. Ligament external and posteriorly situated. Hinge lacks tooth. Pallial line widened ventrally with deep sinus. Bored into coral and shell. 畾澆唬葉嚗瑟岷敶g畾潸嚗蝡舫憭扼撣嗅典雿澆嫘瘝蝯朣憟蝺交楛撣詨函蝷銝嗡鞎畾潔蝛踹 0 1 2006-09-09 01:07:48
141 Gastrocoptidae 貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
142 Glauconomidae Shell small to medium, antero-posteriorly elongate oval. Ligament parivincular. Hinge-plate with 3 cardinal teeth, without lateral tooth. Dimyarian. Sinupalliate. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
143 Glossidae 敹斤 Shell of Japaneese species small to medium, well-inflated. Beak prosogyrous, strongly enrolled. Ligament parivincular. Hinge heterodont, more or less weak. Dimyarian. Pallial line integripalliate. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
144 Glyphaeidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
145 Gymnodorididae Body soft, narrow limaciform, cylindrical with slight head veil. Dorsal ridge reduced in Gymnodoris. Gills usuallu arranged in circle or in semicircle around anus, tend to reduce in some species. Tail tapered posteriorly. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
146 Halgerdidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
147 Haminoeidae Shell external, fragile, globose to cylindrical. Aperture elongated, narrow, and broadened below. Spire sunken. Columella slightly curved, without fold. Operculum absent. Animal completely withdrawal into shell. Gizzard plates 3. Seminal groove external. Herbivorous. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
148 Heliaciidae 撠頛芾箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
149 Helicarionidae 敼脰貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
150 Helicinidae 急貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
151 Hermaeidae 璉箇 Body small, limaciform, with cerata. Shell absent. Cerata without cnidosac, slender or plump, housing ducts of digestive gland. Rhinophores simple, inrolled or ear-like. Generally feed on green algae. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
152 Hexabranchidae 剝蝘 Body very soft, elongated ovate, large and colorful. Body generally red with white and yellow of various patterns. Notum broad and undulated. Gills separated 6 plumes. Feed on sponges. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
153 Hiatellidae 瞏瘜亥斤 Shell small to large, rectangular, with anteriorly situated umbo. Both anterior and posterior ends gaping. Ligament external and posteriorly situated. Cardinal teeth small or lacking. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus present or absent. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
154 Isognomonidae 瘜亥斤 Shell small to medium-sized, generally subequivalve, weakly inflated. Umbo subterminal, and anterior wing generally not demarcated. Multivincular ligament pits arranged nearly equidistanly on cardinal area. Soft part comparatively small, but mantle margin remarkably elastic. Other characters almost similar to those of the Pteriidae. 0 1 2003-10-21 08:00:00
155 Janthinidae 蝝怨箇 Shell thin, helicinoid with selenizone on spires. Aperture broad. No operculum. No eye. Cephalic tentacle bifid. Excrete mucous from sole to form raft of bubble with animal spends pelagic life. 0 1 2003-10-22 08:00:00
156 Juliidae 蝬箇 Shell bivalved, small, thick and hard. Apex on left valve, concave just behind it. Body slug-like, generally, between both valves. 0 1 2003-10-22 08:00:00
157 Kanamariidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
159 Laevidentaliidae 瑁情鞎蝘 Shell thin, middle to large in size, thin, not so strongly curved, gradually tapering adapically, circular in cross-section, ornamented with growth lines. Occasionally with an apical slit ventrally. 0 1 2004-11-12 18:10:12
160 Laternulidae 畾潸斤 Shell small to medium in size, elongate elliptical, thin, inflated with truncated posterior end. Resilium under umbo and chondrophore protruded, with or without lithodesma. Cardinal tooth absent. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus present. 0 1 2003-10-22 08:00:00
161 Limacidae Shell minute, helicoid, sinistral (superdextral). Aperture not expanded. Surface shining with growth lines or at best axial riblets. Foot separated into wing-like lobes and carries operculum on parapodium. Holoplanktonic. 0 1 2003-10-22 08:00:00
162 Limidae Shell small to large,commonly white, equivalve, obscurely auriculate, elongate-oval or subtriangular, more or less opisthocline. Byssate species characterized by gaped anterior margin, though there are many non-byssate and free-living species. Ligament groove on the middle of low-triangular cardinal area. Surface ornamented with radial ribs. Mostly edentulous. Radial sculpture commonly developed. Coloration, if not whity, almost monotonous. Outer layer composed of foliated calcite, while inner layer totally consists of crossed-lamellar aragonite. Monomyarian. Pseudolamellibranchitae. 0 1 2003-10-22 08:00:00
163 Limopsidae 蝚嗥 Shell small, subcircular or postero-ventrally elongate ovate, equivalve, subequilateral or inequilateral. Periostracum thick, hirsute. Ligament alivincular, Inner ventral margin smooth or crenulated. Hinge plate arched, with radially arranged denticles. Slightly anisomyarian; anterior adductor muscle scar smaller than posterior one. Pallial line entire. 0 1 2003-10-22 08:00:00
164 Liotiidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
165 Loliginidae 蝞∠ Mantle muscular, conico-cylindrical. Fins rhombic or semicircular. Eyes covered with transparent membrane. Arm suckers in two rows. Manus suckers in 4 rows. Gladius wide, feather-shaped. Coastal and neritic waters. 0 1 2004-08-20 01:26:02
166 Lucinidae 皛踵斤 Shell small to large, thin to well inflated, inequilateral, equivalve. Beak small, prosogyrous. Outer surface ornamented by fine growth striae, occasionally with commarginal lamellae. Hinge plate with few cardinal teeth, or edentulous. Ligament parivincular, deeply burried between both valves. Dimyarian; anterior adductor muscle scar elongate oval. Integripalliate. 0 1 2003-10-27 08:00:00
167 Lyonsiidae 瘜X答斤 Shell small to large, oval, and gaping at posterior end. Resilium carries lithodesma below. Cardinal tooth absent. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus shallowly embayed. Internal surface with pearly luster. 0 1 2003-10-27 08:00:00
168 Mactridae 擐祉斤 Shell small to large, thin, well inflated, veneriform, inequilateral, equivalve. Parivincular ligament small; resilium behind cardinal teeth large. Cardinal teeth small, but anterior and posterior lateral teeth large. Inner ventral margin smooth. Sinupalliate. 0 1 2003-10-27 08:00:00
169 Malletiidae 鞊鞊斤 Shell small to medium, oval. A weak ridge running from umbo to postero-ventral corner present or absent. Periostracum thick. Resilifer absent. Internal surface porcellaneous. 0 1 2003-10-27 08:00:00
170 Marginellidae 蝛蝐唾箇 Shell minute to small, with small spire and large body whorl. Surface smooth, glossy, aperture narrow with several plicae on the columella that continue into the internal part of the shell. 0 1 2003-11-28 08:00:00
171 Mathilidae 撌扯瑁箇 Shell turreted, elongate with many whorls. Protoconch heterostrophic. Surface usually sculptured with distinct axial and spiral ribs. Aperture with thin outer lip without siphonal canal. Species of this family inhabit on sand bottom from subtidal zone to bathyal depths. 0 1 2003-11-28 08:00:00
172 Mesodesmatidae 撠撜啗斤 Shell small to medium, cuneiform, thick, more or less compressed. Outer surface smooth except for growth striae. Ligament parivincular, resilium placed between anterior and posterior cardinal teeth. Hinge teeth with 2 cardinal teeth and anterior and posterior lateral teeth. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus small, shallow. Inner ventral margin smooth. 0 1 2003-11-28 08:00:00
173 Miamiridae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
174 Montacutidae Shell small, equivalve, antero-posteriorly elongate elliptical, covered with periostracum. White to reddish. Umbo situated posteriorly to midpoint. Ligament external, but resilium internal. Anternal and posterior cardinal teeth and lateral teeth present. Pallail line not embayed. Ectoparasitic to various invertebrates. 0 1 2003-11-28 08:00:00
175 Myidae 瘚瑁斤 Shell small to large, gaping posteriorly. Chondrophore of left valve projected and receives resilium. No cardinal tooth present. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus with or without deep sinus. 0 1 2003-11-28 08:00:00
176 Myochamidae 銝閫斤 Shell small to medium in size and triangular in shape. Right valve more or less inflated, but left valve flat. A small ligament present below umbo but cardinal tooth lacking. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus shallow. Internal surface with pearly luster. 0 1 2003-11-28 08:00:00
177 Naticidae Shell pyriform to globose, or discoidal, with large last whorl, and smooth or weakly sculptured surface. Outer lip of aperture not thickend, siphonal canal absent. Umbilicus closed or open, generally with prominent funicle. Operculum corneous or calcareous. Buried in sand and carnivorous, boring holes into other mollusc's shells to feed flesh. 0 1 2003-11-28 08:00:00
178 Neilonellidae 暺西斤 Shell small with elongated posterior portion which is sometimes upturned with a pointed end. Periostracum thick with weak growth lines. Hinge teeth diminish below umbo without resilifer. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
179 Notarchidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
180 Nuculanidae 敶西斤 Shell small to medium in size with rostrated posterior portion. Umbo tumid. A radial ridge running from umbo to postero-ventral corner. Surface smooth or with concentric riblets. Hinge plate long with numerous teeth and resilifer below umbo. Inhalent and exhalent siphons apparent with large labial palps. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
181 Nuculidae 西斤 Shell small to medium, veneriform with posteriorly situated beak. Periostracum thick. Internal surface with strong pearly lustre. Hinge teeth numerous and tall. Resilifer present below umbo. Anterior and posterior adductor scars subequal in size. No siphon present. Foot with sole. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
182 Octopodidae 蝡擳蝘 Body muscilar. Mantle round, globular. Mantle opening moderate to wide. Fins absent. Arms moderate to long with well developed webs. Arm suckers usually in 2 rows and occasionally in a single row. Right Arm of males hectocotylized (rarely left Arm ) with a spermatophore groove along dorsal side of the arm and the distal portion modified into copulatory organ. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
183 Ommastrephidae 擳瑞 Body stout, muscular. Mantle cylindrical, tapering posteriorly. Fins sagittata. Arm suckers in two rows. Manus suckers in 4 rows of which median two rows of suckers larger than lateral ones. Funnel rocking cartilage with inverted T-shaped groove or fused. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
184 Onchidiidae 喟ㄩ蝘 Animals oval, convex dorsally, with small papillae on dorsal surface, lacking a shell. Ventral area divided into hyponotum and broad and large foot by ciliate groove. A pair of cephalic tentacles with terminal eyes retractile. Pneumatophoe through lung situated at posterior end. Genital pores separated. Live on sea shores in intertidal to splash zone. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
185 Onychoteuthidae 芷風蝘 Mantle muscular, cylindrical. Fins rhombic. Arm suckers in two rows with smooth chitinous rings. Manus with two rows of hooks. Dactylus with small suckers. Carpal cluster with knobs and suckers. 0 1 2004-11-12 19:11:52
186 Pandoridae 撅斤 Shell small to medium in size, lunate in outline. Left valve slightly more inflated than right valve. Resilium present with or without lithodesma. No cardinal tooth present. Dimyarian. Pallial sinus absent. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
187 Pectinodontidae 璇喲蝚箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
188 Pharellidae Shell medium, antero-posteriorly elongated oval. Anterior and posterior margins rounded, gaped. Beak very low, placed anterior to midpoint of dorsal margin. Outer surface smooth, with heavy periostracum. Ligament parivincular. Pallial sinus shallow, or deep. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
189 Phasianellidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
190 Philinidae 瘜∟箇 Shell thin, mostly internal. Body whorl extremely large. Spire small. Animal much larger than shell, not withdrawal into shell, cylindrical or dorso-ventrally flattened elliptical, with a large cephalic shield. Jaw absent. Radular teeth consisted of a central tooth, a lateral tooth, and none or up to 6 marginal teeth. Gizzard contains 3 calcareous stomachal plates. 0 1 2003-12-03 08:00:00
191 Philomycidae 暺瘨脰蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
192 Pholadidae 曋斤 Shell small to large, oval, well inflated, with gaped anterior and posterior end. Anterior area ornamented with radial ribs crossed by growth lines presenting file-like sculpture. Protoplax on antero-dorsal margin, mesoplax on postero-dorsal margin. Ligament and hinge teeth lacking. Apophysis internally under umbo. Pallial sinus deep. Bored into shale or rocks. 畾澆啣之嚗璈W敶g敺蝡舫蝡舀曉瑁鈭日胯蝺選敺蝺銝剜踹敺選寧楠寞踴蝻箔撣嗅蝯朣畾潮銝孵折券韏瑯憟蝺敶瘛晞賣脣交野撗拐葉 0 1 2005-01-14 00:36:10
193 Phyllidiidae 瘚琿暻蝘 Body generally elongated oval, stout Dorsal surface with longitudinal ridges and ornamented by protuberances. Rhinophores lamellated. Gills located between mantle and foot, unlike in doridids. Anus posterior dorso-median except for Fryeria. Feed on sponges. 銝砍蝝圈瑟岷敶g冽蝮梢瑞韏瑞斤蝒韏瑯敿雿澆憟寡雲銋支Fryeria 撅砍嚗雿潸W嫘隞交絲蝬輻粹 0 1 2005-01-13 18:58:43
194 Physidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
195 Pisanianuridae 蝝⊿瘥箇 Shell obese fusiform, buccinoid, with weak sculptures externally. Columella strongly curved but simple. Outer lip never thickened. No varix present. Anterior canal sinuous. Operculum horny with nucleus situated below. 畾澆剔插嚗畾潸”敺桀摹颯頠詨敶脯憭嚗瘝蝮勗撐蝞⊥敶脯閫鞈迎訾潔具 0 1 2005-01-13 22:38:28
196 Pisidiidae 鞊鞊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
197 Placobranchidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
198 Planorbidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
199 Plicatulidae 鞎芾斤 Shell small-sized, weakly convex, irregularly oval or subtrigonal, attaching to hard objects by right valve. Surface commonly marked with radial or diversified thick ribs. A pair of crural teeth on both sides of resilifer, though somewhat similar to those of the Spondylidae, are elongated sub vertically. Monomyarian; muscle scar subcircular, strongly impressed. Filibranchiate. Eyes and tentacles not developed on mantle. Shell microstructure similar to that of the Spondylidae. 畾澆嚗蝔敺株典撐嚗銝閬萄耦隡潔閫敶g隞亙單挺澆蝖祉抵釭銝畾潸”撣豢曉舐箄敶撣嗅拙湔銝撠朣桅畾潸嚗畾潸瘛梯隡澆敶U蝯脤憭憟銝潮閫豢銝潮畾潛敺桃敦瑽憿隡潭絲斤Spondylidae 0 1 2005-01-13 23:05:33
200 Polyceridae Body slender and limaciform, with head veil. Dorsal surface and head veil smooth or papillate. Rhinophoral sheath and oral tentacle absent. Feed on bryozoans, ascidians and sometimes nudibranchs. 擃蝝圈琿隡潸嚗剛W剛撟單銋喟蝒韏瑯瘝閫貉閫豢隞亥脤瘚琿憿鋆賊憿拍粹 0 1 2005-01-13 23:17:24
201 Poromyidae Shell small to medium in size, oval, inflated. Ligament external and posteriorly situated. Cardinal teeth, resilium and lithodesma present. Pallial sinus barely present. Internal surface with pearly luster. Gill of septibranch type. 畾澆唬葉嚗萄耦典撐撣嗅其澆具畾潮銝銝駁敶撣嗚憟蝺敶撟曆瘝畾澆折X瞉扎敿 0 1 2005-01-14 00:35:45
202 Punctidae 貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
203 Pupillidae 寡貊蝘 0 1 2004-12-14 01:33:10
204 Pupinidae 鞊貊蝘 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
205 Pyramidellidae 憛箇 Shell slender conic to ovate, often with fold(s) on columella. Protoconch heterostrophic. Operculum horny, paucispiral. Head bears a tongue-like mentum. Secondary gill present right to dorsal ciliated strip in pallial cavity, or lacking at all. Proboscis acrembolic. No radula present. Anterior alimentary canal with a stylet and buccal pump(s) which are usually blind-sac like. Simultaneous hermaphroditic, with a common gonoduct. Ectoparasites sucking body fluids of mollusks, annelids, sipunclids, etc. 畾潛敦敶W啣萄敶g頠詨撣貊⊥箄畾潛唳閫鞈迎撠剝冽餃箸踴鈭甈⊿典憟抒渡瘥撣嗅喳湛舐撩銋瘝朣擃銵擃憭撖嚗撖潸擃押啁押拍詨園瘨脯 0 1 2005-01-18 22:58:31
206 Retusidae Shell usually small, cylindrical to ovate. Spire slightly elevated or depressed. Aperture extends entire length of body whorl. Radula lacking. Animal white without parapodia. Cephalic shield bilobed posteriorly. 畾潔砍嚗勗耦啣萄敶U箏雿畾澆撱嗡撓唳挺瘝朣頠擃質莎瘝渲雲剜弁敺嫣 0 1 2005-01-18 23:14:48
207 Ringiculidae Shell small, spherical, with a conical spire. Columella with 2 folds. Inner lip often with a nodule. Lower end of aperture with anterior apertural sinus. Operculum absent. Animal completely withdrawal into shell. 畾澆嚗敶g敶Z箏嚗頠詨2箄批撣豢蝯蝭瘝頠擃臬湔嗅交挺扼 0 1 2005-01-19 18:59:53
208 Scaphandridae 蝎蝐唾箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
209 Semelidae 梁斤 Shell small to medium, oval to subtrigonal, bilaterally compressed. Ligament small, opisthodetic, parivincular; resilium oblique, postero- ventrally directed. Hinge heterodont, occasionally lacking anterior and posterior lateral teeth. Pallial sinus deep. 鞎畾澆唬葉嚗萄敶W唬撮銝閫敶U撣嗅嚗雿蝵桀敺嚗蝑撣嗚賊圈嚗鈭銝瑕敺湧憟蝺瘛晞 0 1 2005-01-19 19:10:20
210 Sepiadariidae Mantle short and saccular. Fins small, round, attached both sides of mantle. Mantle fused with head at central portion of dorsum. Mantle and funnel fused by ligament. Left Arm IV of male hectocotylized. Gladius absent. 憭憟哨鋡敿剖嚗敶g瑕典憟拙氬憭憟瞍隞仿撣嗥賊乓批椰蝚砍箔漱亥嚗瘝閫鞈芸扳挺(Gladius) 0 1 2005-01-20 00:33:12
211 Sepiidae 鞈蝘 Mantle bell-shaped with a calcareous oval shell inside dorsally. Fins narrow running along almost entire lateral margins of mantle. Arms with 4 rows of suckers. Left Arm IV of male hectocotylized. 鋡憭憟湔喟啗釭萄敶Y畾潦敿剖嗾銋急祆游憭憟渡楠銝貊斗4批椰蝚砍箔漱亥 0 1 2005-01-19 19:26:51
212 Sepiolidae 喟鞈蝘 Mantle short and saccular. Fins semicircular, attached both sides of mantle like ears. Mantle fused or connnected with head by nuchal cartilage. Mantle and funnel connected by funnel cartilages. Arm I or II of male hectocotylized. Gladius greatly reduced. 憭憟剖鋡敿剖敶g瑕典憟拙湔喟憭憟隞仿賊刻撉刻剝券乓把∟箔漱亥閫鞈芸扳挺(Gladius) 0 1 2005-01-20 00:31:17
213 Siphonodentaliidae 鞊∠鞎蝘 0 1 2004-11-12 19:46:17
214 Smaragdinellidae 蝬箇 In Smaragdinella, shell external, globular, with broad and round aperture. Animal stocky. Head-shield large, rounded posteriorly. Gizzard plates 3. In Phanerophthabmts, shell internal, almost flat, circular, on posterior part of animal. Animal elongated cylindrical. Head-shield small. Dorsum enveloped by parapodia. Mantle-shield large, elongated. Herbivorous. Smaragdinella撅穿畾澆剁嚗畾澆撖祇敶U頠擃哨剜弁憭改敺蝡臬敶UPhanerophthabmts撅穿畾澆批具撟喋敶g刻擃敺具頠擃蝝啣勗耦剜弁撠Z◤渲雲閬憭憟璆臬之瘀駁扼 0 1 2005-01-26 19:07:41
215 Solenidae 蝡寡嗥 Shell medium to large, antero-posteriorly strongly elongated sub- quadrate. Anterior and posterior margins truncated, gaped. Beak very low, placed anterior margin. Outer surface smooth. Ligament parivincular. Pallial sinus shallow. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:16:52
216 Sphaeridae 瘜亥蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
217 Sportellidae Shell small to medium in size, oval. Umbo situated ^tenorlytomld, point. Ligament external. Two cardinal teeth present, occasionally with lateral tooth. Dimyarian. Pallial line not embayed. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:17:59
218 Stomatellidae 撱箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
219 Streptaxidae 剛貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
220 Strobilopsidae 扳貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
221 Subulinidae 貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
222 Succineidae 撖西貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
223 Teredinidae 寡斤 Shell small, spherical, gaping anteriorly, consisted of triangular ante- rior part, central part and lunate posterior wing. No accessory plate present except aprophysis below umbo. Infolding present internally for attachment of posterior adductor. Bored into submerged wood by forming calcareous tube of which opening is plugged by a pair of pal- let. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:21:06
224 Thiaridae 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
225 Thyasiridae ⊿斤 Shell small to large, subtrigonal to subcircular, thin with fold pos- antero-dorsally. Ligament parivincular. Hinge edentulous, or with weak anterior lateral tooth. Pallial line integnpalliate. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:21:31
226 Thycidae 蝚瑁箇 0 1 2004-11-12 19:48:42
227 Thysanoteuthidae 憌擳瑞 Mantle robust, muscular with broad rhombic fins along the entire length of mantle. Funnel locking cartilage with transversed T-shaped groove. Arms with 2 rows of suckers. Arm III has a well-developed protective membrane. Tentacles short, small. Manus with 4 rows of suckers which have 15-20 fine teeth on chitinous rings. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:21:57
228 Tindariidae 鋡蝣斤 Shell minute, veneriform, thick, with apparent concentric riblets and delicate striated lirae on surface. No resilifer. No pallial sinus. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:22:19
229 Tornatellidae 方貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
230 Trapeziidae 寡斤 Shell medium, elongate oval. Beak prosogyrous, low, placed nearly anterior extremity. Hinge with 2 cardinal teeth and ftenor and pos- terior lateral teeth. Inner ventral margin smooth. Integnpainaie. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:23:51
231 Trichotropidae 瘥箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
232 Tricoliidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
233 Trimusculidae 祆曇箇 Shell small, circular patelliform usually with radial libs and growth lines. Umbo situated centrally. Siphonal groove on right side, indistinct and not projecting. Muscle scar opened on anterior right, for opening of siphion, with terminals not rounded, Gill and tentacles lacking. Jaw absent. Animal feeds on suspenion matters by mucous net. 畾澆嚗斤嚗撣詨瑟曉瑁畾潮雿蝵桀銝准澆貊恣典喳湛敺桀摹銝憿 典喳寥嚗怎垢銝銝琿閫豢憿輻撩銋隞仿瘨脩雯暺雿豢拚脰憌 0 1 2006-09-08 18:40:21
234 Triphoridae 撌阡箇 Shell usually sinistral with tall spire and numerous whorls. Protoconch of either planktotrophic or lecithotrophic type even in a same genus. Teleoconch with 3 spiral cords on each whorl (spiral 1, 2, 3 from adapical side) and often one more (spiral 4) above the suture; Four on the body whorl and 2-3 on the base. Aperture with reflected outer lip and tubular anterior canal. Posterior canal ranging from simple slit to long tube. Numerous species inhabit in intertidal zone to shallow waters in warm waters. 0 1 2005-01-11 01:25:57
235 Triviidae 寡箇 Shell cypraeid-like in shape, with broard and involuted outer lip. Aperture narrow and slit-like. Mantle lobe enwraps shell. In Eratoinae, shell minute pyriform with bulbous and low spire covered by callus. Surface glossy but microscopically granulated.In Triviinae, surface ornamented by strong, spaced spiral ribs that are extended to ventral surface and occasionally interrupted by mid-dorsal longitudinal furrow. extended to ventral surface and occasionally interrupted by mid-dorsal longitudinal furrow. 畾澆唬葉嚗畾澆耦憿隡澆窄綽畾澆憭扳脯畾澆寧蝝圈瑯Eratoinae鈭蝘箏雿嚗擃箏惜鋡急撅方嚗畾潸”撟單瞉歹璆萄凝撠憿蝎撖雿Triviinae鈭蝘畾潸”憿舐箄撱嗡撓啗寥U 0 1 2006-09-08 18:20:12
236 Trochomorphidae 蝚貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
237 Ungulinidae 頩斤 Shell subcircular, equivalve. Beak located at nearly midpoint of dorsal margin, prosogyrous. Ligament parivincular, opisthodetic. Hinge with 2 cardinal teeth, without lateral teeth. Inner ventral margin smooth. Dimyarian; adductor muscle scar elongate oval; integripallitae. 畾潭岷敶g蝑畾潦畾潮雿潸蝺銝剖亢餈嚗亙整蝑撣塚雿澆雿賊2銝駁嚗∪湧寧楠折W像皛畾潸嚗敺畾潸瑟岷敶U 0 1 2005-12-22 22:57:53
238 Unionidae The naiad shell has two parts, a right and left valve held together by a dorsal ligament. Variations in the color of shell outer covering range from light yellow to green or brown or black; shells of many species are patterned with irregilar-shaped markings or rays. 蝘鞎憿瑟拍詨憭批鞎畾潘畾澆折Y賊踹瑟潮賊嚗雿蝔桅銝虫瑕賊鞎畾澆折W瑟鈭桅瞉歹畾潛桃嚗畾潮撣豢敶怠餃具撣嗅畾潛敺蝡荔蝔梁箏雿撣(Opisthodetic ligament)憟蝺撣貊陛殷憟蝺銝憿舀蝻箏 1 1 2005-12-06 18:46:47
239 Vayssiereidae 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
240 Vermetidae Shell permanently cemented to rocks on its apical side, and often loosely uncoiled. Operculum chitinous, but lacking in Serpulorbis.Feeding on debris by secreting mucous threads. 鞎畾潮游箄澆痔喃嚗擃銝閬瑟脯閫鞈迎嗡葉 Serpulorbis 撅祆憌寞箏瘜暺蝔蝯脩拙憌 0 1 2004-09-23 23:27:01
241 Veronicellidae 箄雲蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
242 Verticordiidae 瘝斤 Shell small to medium in size, ovoid, well inflated. Lunule distinct. Ligament external and posteriorly situated. Resilium and lithodesma present below umbo. Hinge teeth weak. Pallial sinus seldom embayed. Internal surface pearly. 畾澆唬葉嚗萄敶g畾澆耦刻嫘撣嗅其澆雿敶撣嗡潭挺銝嫘賊敺桀摹憟蝺敺撠亦畾澆折X瞉扎 0 1 2005-12-10 01:07:49
243 Vertiginacea 寡貊蝘 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
245 Viviparidae 啗箇 1 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
246 Xenophoridae 蝬湔挺箇 Shell low conic, thin, adheres dead shells and/or gravels along the peripheral edge to various grade. Base with distinct growth lirae sometimes present cancellated appearance. Umbilicus open or closed. Opemclum horny and oval. 畾澆雿敶g鞈芥鞎畾澆典暺甇餉畾潭蝣喋畾澆瑁憿胯閫鞈芸璈W敶U 0 1 2005-12-10 01:14:43
247 Xylophaginidae Shell small, spherical with widely gaping anterior end. Anterior part triangular separated by a furrow from globular mid-part that is auriculated posteriorly. Protoplax present on antero-dorsal region. Lacking ligament, cardinal tooth and apophysis. Bored into sunken wood. 畾澆嚗嚗蝡舀撖祇蝻箔撣嗚賊冽其蝛踹摮 0 1 2005-12-10 00:09:56
248 Yoldiidae 蝬曇﹝斤 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
249 Zonitidae 亦貊蝘 0 1 2006-01-04 20:21:47
250 Bithyniidae 瘝潸箇 0 1 0000-00-00 00:00:00
251 Chaetodermatidae Body generally small, elongate, uniformly lorate, without shell and midventral groove. Body surface totally covered with numerous spicules. Mouth situated in front of body. Pallial cavity at body end accomodating anus and gills. Radula consisted of a single pair of tooth only, with large ventral and lateral supportts. 頨恍撣詨敶g蝝圈瘀株矽蝝敶g銝瑁畾潘寥Y∟雲皞擃銵函梢爸閬刻澈擃蝡荔敿刻澈擃敺寧撠曇銝准朣曹撠朣(拇)敶X嚗銋瑟銝撠湔踹銝箸踴 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
252 Limifossoridae Body slender, uniformly lorate, without shell and midventral groove. Body surface totally covered with cuticulate spicules. Mouth opened in frontal terminal in position, anus and paired gills within pallial cavity in rear . Radula with 2 rows, teeth denticulated. No lateral supportts. 頨恍蝝圈瘀株矽蝝敶g銝瑁畾潘寥Y∟雲皞擃銵函梢爸閬刻澈擃蝡荔敿刻澈擃敺寧撠曇銝准朣勗拙賊敶X嚗∪湔踴 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
258 Proneomeniidae Body elongate, cylindrical, covered by cuticle and closely-set hollowed spicules, with slender pedal groove (ventral groove) on ventral midline. Mouth and anus on ventral of each side of body. 頨恍蝝圈瑞蝑敶g寥X迤銝剔銝蝝啁頞單擃銵典雿銝剔征撉函刻寥W拙湛⊿ 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
259 Leptochitonidae 畾潛喲蝘 All vavles lack insertion plates. Generally small, whitish chitons. Tegmentum sculptured with fine granules. 畾潭踹∪亦憭折典蝔桅箏敶Y車嚗畾潸”啣葆箇質莎畾潸”粹蝎閬 0 1 2004-11-18 19:00:51
261 Mopaliidae Insertion plates with 8 slites in head valve, 1 on each side in median valves, 0-2 in tail valve. Perinotum covered with spicules and beset with bristles in most species. 剜輻撋亦8朣嚗銝剝輻瘥銝1嚗撠暹踹0-2啣葆勗璉閬嚗雿憭貊車憿粹蝒韏瑯 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
264 Cryptoplacidae Insertion plates with 5 slites on head valve, 1 on each side of median valves, none on tail valve. Body elongate, vermicular. 剜輻撋亦3朣嚗銝剝輻瘥銝1嚗撠暹踵朣頨恍箇敦瑞怎 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
266 Nacellidae Interior of shell iridescent. Secondary gills arranged circularly in pallial cavity, but absent in front of head. Radular formula 3-2-1-2-3. Common on intertidal rocky shore in tropical to temperate areas. 畾澆折X潮瞉扎⊥祇嚗憭憟扳鈭甈⊿啁嚗雿剝典瘝朣撘3-2-1-2-3函勗葆唬勗葆瞏桅撣嗅痔蝷敺桅 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
270 Pseudococculinidae Shell plate, patelliform, with posteriorly situated apex. Protoconch covered with fine granular crystaks. Radular formula n-5-1-5-n. on submerged. 畾潛箇質莎蝚敶g畾潮敺嫘畾潸蝝圈蝎颯朣銝剝朣嚗朣撘槃-5-1-5-n潭其 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
271 Choristellidae Shell naticiforn in white. This family had long been placed in Naticidae based on conchological similarities but revealed to be one of cocculiniform taxa anatomically. Parasitic on shark egg case. 畾潛箇質莎箏耦敺畾澆耦銝靘鋡怎蔭潛箇銋銝嚗雿閫摮訾撅祆劍occuliniform taxa撣賊潮擳萄 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
272 Cocculinidae Shell patelliform in white. Apex situated in center to posterior. Protoconch with net-like sculpture. Redula formula n-4-0-4-n. on submerged wood. 畾潛箇質莎蝚敶U畾潮雿潔葉憭桀啣嫘畾潭蝬脩桃颯朣∩葉朣嚗朣撘槃-4-0-4-n潭其 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
273 Lepetodrilidae Shell limpet-form, longitudinally elongated and asymmetrical. Apex situated at posterior end. Surface covered with thick periostracum. Inside of aperture pure white with a pair of muscle scar. Chemosynthesis-based communities in deep sea. 畾潛箏敺撱園瑞蝚敶g雿銝撠蝔晞畾潮雿澆蝡胯畾潸”勗畾潛格閬畾澆折Y箇質莎撌血單銝撠璉脫舀潭楛瘚瑞摮詨蝢日(Chemosynthesis-based communities) 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
274 Scissurellidae Shell minute, thin, biconic and white. Slit present on outer lip at shoulder or below. Selenizone present on spires that are ornamented by spiral and axial cords. Operculum corneous and multispiral. 畾潸撠質脤敶W蝞文畾澆憭拚冽蝔銝寞鋆刻箏惜銝鈭行鋆頝∪箄蝮梯箄鞈芰憭 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
280 Seguenziidae Shell usually small and white, cornical or biconical, with strong spiral ribs between which present spaced axial riblets. Outer lip sometimes complicatedly sinuous. Umbilicus open or closed. 畾澆嚗質莎敶X敶U畾潸”函楠蝎箄嚗箄銝剝敺憭憿航蝮梯畾澆憭孵貉孵乓摮嚗雿憒 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
284 Neritiliidae Shell neritiform, minute, monotonous in color, porcellanous or glossy. Spire low, dome-shaped. Operculum lunate, calcareous. Redula rhipidoglossate without rachidian tooth. Inhabiting in estuary muddy flat or tropical underwater cave. 畾潛箄箏嚗撠嚗株脣瑕典像皛嚗箏雿箇喟啗釭嚗敶U朣箸敶g∩葉朣璉脫舀潛勗葆瘛⊿凳瘞湔眾瘜亙瘚瑕瘣蝛港葉 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
285 Titiscaniidae Body slug-like, white, translucent, without shell. White mucous glands present along lateral body. Cephalic tentacle simple, long, slender with eye at base. Ctenidium long, exposed externally from mantle opening. Excretes white string-like mucous from glands with stimulation. During daytime, body contracts and bonds on substratum with mucous. redula rhipidoglossate without central and some lateral teeth. ⊥挺嚗頨恍憒嚗質莎嚗瘝輯擃湔詨賡暺瘨脩剝刻孛閫蝝圈瑞陛殷典嗅粹冽潛敿瑕耦嚗撣賊脫潮銋憭銝箸嚗撠望瘜質脩暺瘨脯函賢予嚗剝典擃湧冽嗥葬嚗梢瘨脣擗嚗澆箄釭朣箸敶g蝻箏銝剝朣典湧 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
286 Septariidae 憯箇 Shell symmetrical, cup-shaped, not spirally coiled. Apex at posterior margin. Sperture very large, with broad septumon columelar side, but never serrate. Operculum smaller than aperture, square, thin, calcareous and almost burried in metapodium. Tropical Indo-Pacific brackish to freshwater. 擃撌血喳蝔梧蝚嚗∟箸箏惜撠嚗畾潮典蝺畾澆敺憭改頠詨撖砍之選嗡⊿賊交孵耦嚗撠潭挺嚗喟啗釭嚗撣詨澆頞喲典扼撣潛勗葆啣漲-憭芸像瘣瘛⊿凳瘞游瘛⊥偌 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
287 Shinkailepadidae Shell patelliform, white, translucent. Spire leans posteriorly. Center of shell hightest. Surface rought, cancellated with narrow radial cords and growth threads. Aperture broad, posterior margin flattened forming a septum. Operculum thin, lunate and calcareous. Radula rhipidoglossate. In deepsea thermal vents and seepages. 畾潛箸蝚嚗璈W敶g質莎嚗畾潮敺對畾潛銝剖亢箸擃暺畾潸”蝝啣曉瑁鈭文撣桃畾澆折a蝺撟喳阡具箇喟啗釭嚗敺嚗敶U朣箸敶U璉脫舀潭楛瘚瑞望偌皝批箸絲 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
288 Phenacolepadidae Shell patelliform, white, translucent. Spire leans posteriorly. External surface striated, cancellated or imbricated. Operculum rudimentary or lost. Soft part reddish, with large ctenidia and long tentacle. Radula rhipidoglossate. Tropical to warm temperate waters, intertidal to shallow water, under deeply embedded rock, anoxydate emviroment. 畾潛箸蝚嚗質莎嚗畾潮敺嫘畾潸”憭詨撖曉嚗敶X撣桃敼嚗瘨憭晞頠擃冽潮蝝脤嚗剛孛閫敺瑯朣箸敶U皞怠葆啁勗葆瞏桅撣嗅唳滓瘚瑕嚗撣豢楛潸喃鞎扳飢啣 0 1 2004-11-18 19:01:39
289 Provannidae Shell medium to small in size, broadly to elongately conical. Aperture large sometimes with weak anterior and posterior canals. Operculum horny, paucispiral. Protoconch with fine clathrate sculpture. Eyes reduced; pallial tentacle at the right corner of pallial skirt. 畾潛勗唬葉敶U畾澆憭改撣詨敺瘞渡恣皞敺敺桀摹箄鞈芰撠敶U箸敺蝝啁蝬脩桃颯潛嚗典憟鋆喳湛憭憟閫貉隡詨箝 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
291 Dialidae Shell elongate conical, simple, without varices and a siphonal canal. Protoconch usually smooth. Operculum pausispiral with eccentric uncleus. Posterior opercular lobe flap extending over the posterior part of the foot. 畾澆嚗擃敶U畾澆桃嚗憭銝亙嚗銋銝敶X瘞渡恣皞粹撣詨像皛箏刻頞喟敺冽敶Y撱嗡撓 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
292 Litiopidae Shell small, thin, conical with inflated whorls. Aperture simple without a siphonal canal. Protoconch sculptured with strong axial ribs. Foot with epipodial tentacles on lateral sides, and a posterior pedal gland in the middle of the sole. 畾潸鞈迎敶g箏惜刻孵撘瑯畾澆桃嚗敺瘛箇瘞渡恣皞箏像皛嚗雿銋敺撘瑞蝮梯颯頞喟湧X銝頞喟韏瘀刻雲頩其葉憭格敺頞唾箝 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
299 Scaliolidae Shell small to minute, elongate fusiform, covered with cemented sand grains in Scaliola. Aperture simple lacking siphonal canal. Operculum circular, multispiral. Head with large and extensible snout. Three pallial tentacles present on mantle edge in Finella. 畾澆啗蕙雿嚗蝝圈瑞插沒caliola撅祉蝔桅嚗畾潸”撣豢蝎畾澆蝪∪殷⊥偌蝞∼箏敶Y敶U剝冽瑁撱嗡撓颯沙inella撅祉蝔桅嚗憭憟蝺銝閫貉嚗Scaliola撅穿瘝 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
300 Plesiotrochidae Shell small, pagoda-like, with hispid periostracum. Operculum paucispiral with eccentric nucleus. Foot possessing a median mesopodial mucus gland opening and encircled by epipodial fringe. Mantle edge bordered with long papillae. 畾澆嚗蝔蝎敶g憒憛敶U瑟畾潛柴箏敹撠敶U頞喟函楠銝頞喟韏瑕頞喲典批港葉憭格頞唾粹嚗憭憟蝺瑞蝒韏瑯 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
301 Orectospiridae 擃唾孵箇 Shell elongate conical, with rather flat base. Aperture square, with a short siphonal canal. Umbilicus narrowly open. Species of this family inhibit on sand or mud bottom in bathyal depths. 畾潛粹嚗箏惜敺憭嚗雿畾澆蝔撟喋畾澆孵耦嚗銝敺剔瘞渡恣皞嚗瑞寧摮祉蝔桅璉脫舀潸瘛望絲瘜亙 0 1 2005-04-01 23:31:37
303 Pickworthiidae Shell minute, up to 1cm, hight variable in shape, ranging from turreted to planispiral. Protoconch light brown, spirally sculptured, ending with a deep notch. Teleoconch usually white with circular and thickened aperture. Most species live in criptic habitats including submarine caves in shallow water. 畾澆嚗1砍撌血喉畾澆霈敺憭改敺憛敶W圈敶U箸滓銴莎箇鳴蝯瘛梁蝻箏颯畾潮撣貊箇質莎瑕敶W畾澆憭批豢ㄡ舀潭滓瘚瑞瘚瑕瘣蝒蝷銝准 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
304 Pelycidionidae Shell extremely minute, usually smaller than 1mm, thin and turreted, with smooth or axially sculptured protoconch. Radula with many marginal teeth. Once placed in Vetigastropoda, but later placed near Pickworthiidae due to the similarity of protoconch morphology. 畾潛貊嗅凝撠嚗撣詨1mm嚗畾潸嚗蝝圈瘀瑕像皛憿舐萵箝朣敺憭蝺朣嚗曇◤蝵格澆方寡雲憿(Vetigastropoda)銝准望潸箏耦孵噩嚗鋡怨單噗ickworthiidae蝘餈 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
305 Cingulopsidae Shell minute, smooth and conical, with distinct umbilicus and smooth protoconch. Aperture sometimes with a weak fold. Some species feeding on foraminiferas. 畾澆凝撠嚗撟單銴脤敶g撣豢摮箏像皛嚗畾澆頠詨敺桀摹镼銴嗅耦鈭蝔桅憌摮怒 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
306 Barleeidae Shell small, usually less than 5mm in height, simple elongate conical. Surface smooth, protoconch with rows of pits. Aperture simple. Operculum reddish brown to yellowish brown, with a peg on the columellar side on the inner surface. 畾澆嚗畾潮撣5mm隞乩蝪∪桃擃敶g銵券W像皛嚗箸駁畾澆蝪∪殷敶g蝝銴脯暺銴莎嗅折Z畾潸遘銝蝒韏瑟瑽 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
307 Anabathronidae Shell minute, rissoid from, with a pitted protoconch. Operculum composed of 2 layers, without an inner peg. Aperture once thickened with strong varix, and narrowed. 畾澆凝撠嚗暻潸箇嚗箸駁扼憭拙惜嚗批港瑞韏瑟瑽擃畾澆嚗撘瑕ㄞvarix嚗雿寧 0 0 2004-11-18 19:04:50
309 Iravadiidae 瘝喳箇 Shell small, elongate conical. Protoconch depressed to planorbid, and the apex of the shell truncate. Most species inhabiting estuaries in river mouth to shallow waters. 畾澆嚗蝝圈瑯箏像瑞畾潮典像西芸像憭折典蝔桅璉脫臬冽眾瘛⊿凳瘞游唳滓瘚瑕啣 0 1 2004-05-19 02:06:33
310 Elachisinidae 撠蝐質箇 Shell minute, ovate to ovate conical; surface smooth or spirall sculptured. Aperture with narrowly channeled posterior end, and the simple outer lip. 畾潸蕙雿嚗萄耦萄敶g畾潸”撟單箇颯畾澆敺蝡舐寧嚗憭桃 0 1 2004-05-18 00:58:03
311 Falsicingulidae Shell similar to barleeids, surface smooth except for growth lines, with simple or thickened aperture, and smooth protoconch. Operculum without an internal peg. 畾澆敺barleeids嚗銵券a斗瑞憭憭扳萄像皛畾澆蝪∪殷亙嚗箏像皛箏敶g∪批渡韏瑟 0 0 2002-10-15 08:00:00
312 Pomatiopsidae Shell conical to cylindrical, smooth with thick brown periostracum. Only one marine species, and several land and freshwater species are distributed in Japan. 畾澆敶X蝑嚗畾潸”撟單嚗閬銴脫挺柴交砍芣銝蝔格絲g銝餉璉脫舀潭絲撗貊憌瘝怠葆嚗園粹貊瘛⊥偌U 0 1 2004-11-18 19:02:31
319 Seraphidae 憌敶箇 Shell thin bullet-shaped with large body whorl. Aperture narrow with open canal. Outer lip of aperture with no stromboid notch. Eye with long stalk. 畾潸嚗脣敶U擃箏惜敺憭改畾澆寥瘀瘞渡恣皞畾澆憭⊿陶啗箇撩颯潛瑟瑞潭 0 0 0000-00-00 00:00:00
320 Hydrocenidae 暻餉急貊蝘 銝餉撣潸銝皞急啣憭芸像瘣撜嗅飲嚗撣貉畾潮撣詨嚗銝敶Y喟啗釭嚗箏批湔銝蝒韏瑯瘝甇閫貉嚗雿凋拍敺撖祉閫貉蝒箇抬潛敺憭改雿潭迨蝒箇拚蝡胯 0 1 2009-02-17 22:57:01
321 Placunidae ∟斤 0 1 2004-12-07 01:40:59
322 Melliterycidae 西斤 0 1 2005-05-16 18:49:24
323 Umbraculidae Shell external, limpet-shaped, smaller than body, calcified. Animal not withdrawal into shell. Gill in front to right side of body. 0 1 2007-01-15 19:10:17