Fossil Detail

C lass:Gastropoda 腹足綱
Order:Archaeogastropoda 原始腹足目
Family:Angariidae 棘冠螺科
Genus:Angaria 棘冠螺屬
Scientific Name :Angaria delphinus  Linnaeus, 1758
Chinese Name:棘冠螺
Fossil Location:恆春半島海口村附近晚期隆起珊瑚礁區 (Near the late raised coral reefs of Haikou Village,Hengchun Peninsula)
Fosill Ages:上新至中新世, Pliocene-Miocene
Reservation Location: 國立台中自然科學博物館
Inventory No.:NMNS000711

Reference:台灣貝類化石誌2-5:472, 1992
Plate:圖版八十,圖 21,23

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