Shell Family of Taiwan
Bullidae 棗螺科 contain9 species in Taiwan,show1 - 9
Bullidae 棗螺科Shell ovo-spherical and rather thick. Apex sunken, with a small apical pit. Aperture broad. Columellar fold absent. Animal with large cephalic shield, and bilobed behind. Parapodia small.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Bulla adamsii   Menke  
 Bulla ampulla 台灣棗螺  Linnaeus, 1758  
 Bulla ampulla bifasciata   Menke  
 Bulla ampulla trifasciata   Sowerby  
 Bulla biplicata   A. Adams  
 Bulla cruentata 印度洋棗螺  A. Adams, 1850  
 Bulla difficilis   Habe, 1950  
 Bulla punctulata 東方捻螺  A. Adams, 1850  
 Bulla vernicosa 棗螺  Gould, 1859