Shell Family of Taiwan
Fissurellidae 裂螺科contain78 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Fissurellidae 裂螺科Shell patelliform with apex positional posteriorly to centrally in most species. Slit formed at anterior margin, or foramen on or in front of apex. Closed part of slit or foramen oftern separated as selenizone. Protoconch spirally coiling, but teleoconch turned to be limpets by rapid expansion of whorl. Attaching to rock, gravel, and pebbles.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Clypidina notata   Linnaeus, 1758  
 Cranopsis pelex 高透孔螺  A. Adams, 1860  
 Dentimargo alchymista   (Melvill & Standen, 1903)  
 Dentimargo teramachii 寺町穀米螺  (Habe, 1951)  
 Diodora cruciata   (Gould)  
 Diodora funiculata   (Reeve, 1850)  
 Diodora mus 黑斑透孔螺  (Reeve, 1850)  
 Diodora octagona 蛛網透孔螺  (Reeve, 1850)  
 Diodora proxima   (Sowerby)  
 Diodora quadriradiata 布紋透孔螺  (Reeve, 1850)  
 Diodora reevei   (Schepman)  
 Diodora rueppellii   (Sowerby, 1834)  
 Diodora semilunata 半月透孔螺  Habe, 1953  
 Diodora sieboldi 西寶透孔螺  (Reeve, 1850)  
 Diodora singaporensis 新加坡透孔螺  (Reeve, 1850)