Shell Family of Taiwan
Glycymerididae 蚶蜊科contain25 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Glycymerididae 蚶蜊科Shell small to large, subcircular, thick, equilateral, equivalve. Gently arched hinge plate with numerous small teeth. Beak weakly, occasionally strongly, opisthogyrous. Anisomyarian; anterior adductor muscle scar larger than posterior one. Outer surface smooth or ornamented with strong radial ribs, covered by well developed hairy or filmy periostracum. Ligament duplivincular, amphidetic, occasionally nearly completely prosodetic. Inner verntral margin strongly crenulated. Blood with haemogrobin.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Glycymeris albolineata 白線蚶蜊  (Lischke, 1872)  
 Glycymeris aspera 花蚶蜊  (A. Adams et Reeve, 1850)  
 Glycymeris cf. arabica   (H. Adams, 1871)  
 Glycymeris formosana 福爾摩沙蚶蜊  (Yokoyama, 1928)  
 Glycymeris habei   Matsukuma, 1984  
 Glycymeris imperialis 帝王蚶蜊  Kuroda, 1934  
 Glycymeris livida   (Reeve, 1843)  
 Glycymeris maskatensis   (Melvill, 1897)  
 Glycymeris pectunculus   Linnaeus, 1758  
 Glycymeris pilsbryri   (Yokoyama)  
 Glycymeris queenslandica   Hedley, 1906  
 Glycymeris reevei 褐蚶蜊  (Mayer, 1868)  
 Glycymeris rotunda 圓蚶蜊  (Dunker, 1882  
 Glycymeris spurca 汙蚶蜊  (Reeve, 1843)  
 Glycymeris striatularis   Lamarck, 1819