Shell Family of Taiwan
Haliotidae 鮑螺科contain24 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Haliotidae 鮑螺科Shell discoidal, with low spires. A row of respiratory pores present along shoulder. Internal surface with strong pearly lustre. Foot oval and broad with no operculum.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Haliotis asinina 驢耳鮑螺  Linnaeus, 1758  
 Haliotis clathrata   Reeve  
 Haliotis crebrisculpta   Sowerby, 1914  
 Haliotis discus 盤鮑螺  (Reeve, 1846)  
 Haliotis diversicolor 九孔螺  (Reeve, 1846)  
 Haliotis diversicolor aquatilis   Reeve, 1846  
 Haliotis dohrniana   Dunker, 1863  
 Haliotis glabra   Gmelin, 1791  
 Haliotis jacnensis 侏儒鮑螺  (Reeve, 1846)  
 Haliotis mariae   Wood, 1828  
 Haliotis ovina 圓鮑螺  (Gmelin, 1791)  
 Haliotis planata 扁鮑螺  Sowerby, 1887  
 Haliotis pustulata   Reeve, 1846  
 Haliotis rubiginosa   Reeve, 1846  
 Haliotis squamata   Reeve, 1846