Shell Family of Taiwan
Neritidae 蜑螺科contain61 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Neritidae 蜑螺科Shell small to medium in size, hemi-spherical and thick with smooth or spirally ribbed surface. Aperture lunate. Columellar callus well developed with denticulate or serrate edge. Operculum calcified, lunate with or without distinct peg. Redula rhipidoglossate. From intertidal zone to brackish or freshwater areas. Tropical to warm temperate.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Clithon chlorostoma 金口石蜑螺  (Broderip, 1832)  
 Clithon corona 小皇冠蜑螺  (Linnaeus, 1758)  
 Clithon faba 豆石蜑螺  (Sowerby, 1836)  
 Clithon michaudi   (Recluz, 1841)  
 Clithon oualaniensis 小石蜑螺  (Lesson, 1831)  
 Clithon pulchellus   (Recluz, 1843)  
 Clithon retropictus 石蜑螺  (v. Martens, 1879)  
 Clithon souverbiana 種子蜑螺  (Montrouzier, 1866)  
 Clithon sowerbianus 沙氏石蜑螺  (Recluz, 1842)  
 Nerita achatina   Reeve  
 Nerita albicilla 漁舟蜑螺  Linnaeus, 1758  
 Nerita arabica   Reeve, 1855  
 Nerita balteata 黑線蜑螺  Reeve, 1855  
 Nerita bensoni 賓森氏蜑螺  Recluz, 1850  
 Nerita chamaeleon 大圓蜑螺  Linnaeus, 1758