Shell Family of Taiwan
Ovulidae 海兔螺科contain92 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Ovulidae 海兔螺科Shell small to medium in size, thin to thick, spindle to spherical in shape. Spire involuted. Outer ip frequently dentate internally, but columellar lip generally not crenulated. Anterior and posterior ends rostrated. Feed on cnidarians, such as pennatulaceans, gorgonaceans and madreporarians. Tropical to temperate waters.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Aclyvolva granularis   Ma  
 Aclyvolva lanceolata   (Sowerby, 1848)  
 Aperiovula jeanae 珍妮海兔螺  Cate, 1973  
 Aperiovula robertsoni 黃玉海兔螺  Cate, 1973  
 Aperiovula takae   Cate, 1973  
 Calpurnus lacteus 牙白海兔螺  (Lamarck, 1810)  
 Calpurnus lacteus semistriatus 乳白海兔螺  (Pease, 1862)  
 Calpurnus verrucosus 玉兔螺  (Linnaeus, 1758)  
 Carpiscula galearis   Cate, 1973  
 Crenavolva cf. renovata   (Iredale, 1930)  
 Crenavolva chinensis   Qi et Ma  
 Crenavolva striatula traillii   (A. Adams, 1855)  
 Crenovolva striatula 細紋海兔螺  (Sowerby, 1828)  
 Cuspivolva allynsmithi   Cate, 1978  
 Cuspivolva cuspis   Cate, 1973