Shell Family of Taiwan
Pleurotomariidae 翁戎螺科contain6 species in Taiwan,show1 - 6
Pleurotomariidae 翁戎螺科Shell trochoid, ornamented by beaded spiral riblets, commonly with reddish flame patterns. Slit present on outer lip and selenizone on spires. Operture corneous and multispiral. Foot massive with no epipodial tentacles. Eye very small.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Entemnotrochus rumphii 龍宮翁戎螺  (Schepman, 1879)  
 Perotrochus beyrichi 倍利翁戎螺  (Hilgendorf, 1877)  
 Perotrochus hirasei 紅翁戎螺  (Pilsbry, 1903)  
 Perotrochus salmiana 高腰翁戎螺  (Rolle, 1899)  
 Perotrochus teramachii 寺町翁戎螺  Kuroda, 1955  
 Perotrochus vicdani 宏凱翁戎螺  Kosuge, 1980