Shell Family of Taiwan
Pyramidellidae 塔螺科contain141 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Pyramidellidae 塔螺科Shell slender conic to ovate, often with fold(s) on columella. Protoconch heterostrophic. Operculum horny, paucispiral. Head bears a tongue-like mentum. Secondary gill present right to dorsal ciliated strip in pallial cavity, or lacking at all. Proboscis acrembolic. No radula present. Anterior alimentary canal with a stylet and buccal pump(s) which are usually blind-sac like. Simultaneous hermaphroditic, with a common gonoduct. Ectoparasites sucking body fluids of mollusks, annelids, sipunclids, etc.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Actaeopyramis amaena   A. Adams  
 Actaeopyramis eximia 褐色塔螺  (Lischke, 1872)  
 Actaeopyramis lauta   (A. Adams, 1853)  
 Agatha infrequens   Nomura, 1937  
 Agatha lepidula   Habe, 1961  
 Agatha virgo   (A. Adams, 1860)  
 Amaura japonica   (A. Adams, 1860)  
 Amaura sagamiensis   Kuroda et Habe  
 Babella caelatior   (Dall et Bartsch, 1906)  
 Bacteridium vitttatum   (A. Adams, 1861)  
 Boonea umboniocola   Hori et Okutani, 1995  
 Brachystomia bipyramidata   (Nomura, 1936)  
 Brachystomia miyagiana   (Nomura, 1936)  
 Chemnclzia acosmia   (Dall et Bartsch)  
 Chemnclzia obseida   (Dall et Bartsch)