Shell Family of Taiwan
Retusidae 凹塔螺科contain32 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Retusidae Shell usually small, cylindrical to ovate. Spire slightly elevated or depressed. Aperture extends entire length of body whorl. Radula lacking. Animal white without parapodia. Cephalic shield bilobed posteriorly.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Coleophysis sakuraii   Habe, 1958  
 Coleophysis succincta   (A. Adams, 1862)  
 Coleophysis waughiana   (Hedley, 1899)  
 Cylichnella kawamurai 河村冰柱螺  Habe, 1958  
 Pyrunculus cylindricus   Lin  
 Pyrunculus lagenula   A. Adams  
 Pyrunculus longiformis   Lin  
 Pyrunculus phialus   (A. Adams, 1862)  
 Pyrunculus pyriformis obesus 曲線冰柱螺  Habe, 1950  
 Pyrunculus teramachii   Habe, 1952  
 Pyrunculus tokyoensis   Habe, 1950  
 Retusa boenensis 婆羅囊螺  (A. Adams, 1854)  
 Retusa bysma   Melvill, 1904  
 Retusa cocillii   (Philippi)  
 Retusa concentrica   (A. Adams, 1855)