Shell Family of Taiwan
Eulimidae 瓷螺科contain45 species in Taiwan,show31 - 45
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Eulimidae 瓷螺科Shell straight or curved, elongate conic, globular, or patelliform, but sometimes lacking. Radula ptenoglossate, existing only in a few genera (Eulima, Hemiliostraca, and Niso). Most species with acrembolic proboscis. Sex separate, or simultaneous/protandric hermaphroditic. Endo- or ectoparasitic on Echinodermata, but occasionally free living.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Melanella teramachii   Habe, 1952  
 Melanella tortuosa   (A. Adams et Reeve, 1850)  
 Mucronalia subula   A. Adams, 1863  
 Niso brunnea   (Sowerby, 1834)  
 Niso hizenensis 臍孔褐帶瓷螺  Kuroda et Habe, 1950  
 Niso regia 臍孔寬帶瓷螺  Kuroda et Habe, 1950  
 Niso stenomphala 紅頂瓷螺  Kuroda et Habe, 1950  
 Niso venosa   Sowerby, 1895  
 Parvioris fulvescens   (A. Adams, 1853)  
 Pelseneeria castanea   (Dall, 1925)  
 Pyramidelloides angusta   (Hedley, 1898)  
 Stilifer akahitode   Habe et Masuda, 1990  
 Vitreobalcis astropleuricola   (Kuroda et Habe, 1905)  
 Vitreobalcis langfordi   (Dall, 1925)  
 Vitreobalcis temnopleuricola   Fujioka et Habe, 1984