Shell Family of Taiwan
Volutidae 渦螺科contain38 species in Taiwan,show31 - 38
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Volutidae 渦螺科Shell medium to large in size. Spire usually high and shell thick. Surface smooth or axially ribbed but seldom spiral sculptured. Aperture broad and inner to columellar lips covered with callus and carries columellar folds. Majority of members lacks operculum. Radula with only central tooth or accompanied with a single lateral tooth on both sides.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Melo melo 椰子渦螺  (Lightfoot, 1786)  
 Melo umbilicatus   Sowerby, 1826  
 Musashia formosana 寶島渦螺  (Azuma, 1967)  
 Saotomea pratasensis   Lan, 1997  
 Teramachia dalli 東港渦螺  (Bartsch, 1942)  
 Teramachia johnsoni williamsorum 寺町渦螺  Rehder, 1972  
 Teramachia tibiaeformis 長笛渦螺  Kuroda, 1931  
 Volutoconus bednalli 白蘭地渦螺  Brazier, 1878