Fossil Detail

C lass:Gastropoda 腹足綱
Order:Cephalaspidea 頭楯目
Family:Acteonidae 捻螺科
Scientific Name :Acteon sieboldi  (Reeve, 1842)
Chinese Name:西寶捻螺
Fossil Location:恆春半島恆春西台地四溝層(Szekou Formation of the western Hengchun tableland, Hengchun Peninsula)
Fosill Ages:更新世, Pleistocene
Reservation Location: 國立台中自然科學博物館
Inventory No.:NMNS000590,000590a,b

Reference:台灣貝類化石誌1-4:365, 1991
Plate:圖版六十六,圖 17-19,25

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