Shell Family of Taiwan
Cardiidae 鳥尾蛤科 contain103 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Cardiidae 鳥尾蛤科Shell small to large, thin or thick, inequilateral, equivalve. Outer surface smooth , or ornamented with strong radial ribs with scales. Parivincular ligament well developed. Hinge plate with 2 small cardinal teeth, a strong anterior lateral tooth, and a posterior lateral tooth. Dimyarian. Integripalliate. Siphons very short.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Acrosterigma assimile   (Reeve, 1845)  
 Acrosterigma burchardi   (Dunker, 1877)  
 Acrosterigma cygnorum   (Deshayes, 1855)  
 Acrosterigma lacunosa   (Reeve, 1845)  
 Acrosterigma maculosa   (Wood, 1815)  
 Afrocardium carditaeforme   (Reeve, 1845)  
 Afrocardium ebaranum 愛巴鳥尾蛤  (Yokoyama, 1927)  
 Afrocardium infantile   (Nomura et Zinbo)  
 Afrocardium richardi   (Audouin, 1826)  
 Cardium latum   Born  
 Cardium multipunctatum   Sowerby  
 Cardium rugatum   Gronovius  
 Cardium sinense   Sowerby  
 Clinocardium buellowi   (Rolle, 1896  
 Clinocardium californiense 白令海鳥尾蛤  (Deshayes, 1839)