Shell Family of Taiwan
Pectinidae 海扇蛤科contain108 species in Taiwan,show1 - 15
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Pectinidae 海扇蛤科Shell small to large-sized, consisting of flabelliform or subcircular disk and auricles, more or less inequivalve. Coloration variable, commonly darker in left valve. Byssal notch and ctenolium exist in young byssate stage, but many species become free-living (or sedentary) with growth. Outer ligament attaching to the whole dorsal margin; resilium completely internal, placed below umbo.Surface commonly ornamented with radial ribs, and immature shells occasionally covered with two kinds of microsculpture (shagreen sculpture and Camptonectes striae). In both valves, outer layer is mostly composed of foliated calcite, and the inner layer consists of crossed-lamellar aragonite, though in many cool-water species the innermost part again shows foliated microstructure. Periostracum very thin. Monomyarian; quick muscle well developed in swimming species. Filibranchiate. Numerous tentacles and eyes exist on the mantle margin. Heart penetrated by the rectum. Some species hermaphroditic.
Senitfic Name
Chinese Name
 Aequipecten muscosus 銼面海扇蛤  (Wood, 1828)  
 Amusium japonicum balloti   (Bernardi, 1861)  
 Amusium japonicum formosum 台灣日月蛤  Habe, 1964  
 Amusium japonicum japonicum 日月蛤  (Gmelin, 1791)  
 Amusium pleuronectes nanshaensis   Wang et Chen, 1991  
 Amusium pleuronectes okinawaensis   Masuda, Sato et Shuto, 1986  
 Amusium pleuronectes pleuronectes 亞洲日月蛤  (Linnaeus, 1758)  
 Amusium yabei 矢部火焰明海扇  Nomura  
 Amussiopecten kankoensis   (Tan)  
 Anguipecten lamberti   (Souverbie, 1874)  
 Anguipecten picturatus 錦綴海扇蛤  Dijkstra, 1995  
 Annachlamys leoparda   Reeve, 1853  
 Annachlamys taiwanensis   Masuda et Huang, 1990  
 Argopecten asperulata 紅瓦海扇蛤  (A. Adams et Reeve, 1850)  
 Argopecten gibbus 花布海扇蛤  (Linnaeus, 1758)